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    How to wear the bucket hat correctly

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-05-11
    The bucket hats is a very popular hat in summer. The brim is narrow and small, and can be covered very deeply. They are the same hats for men and women. Unlike a baseball cap, a bucket hat has a long protruding leading brim, but only a circle of a slightly trapezoidal shade brim. The bucket hat is usually made of 100% cotton fabric. Of course, there are other fabrics to choose from. The outer periphery is covered with steel wire. In conjunction with a small cloth bag, people can easily fold it into the small bag.

    If you want the bucket hat to not be fixed, you can try to use hairpins to assist, install windproof ropes, and sew cap stickers to help you solve the trouble of always fixing the fisherman hat.

    The first one is to install the windproof rope by hand, connect the windproof rope to the two ends of the brim, and fix the lower end of the rope at the chin position, so that the bucket hat can be easily fixed and avoid being blown off by the wind.

    The steps to install the windproof are very simple. First, choose an elastic style of windproof rope that can be adjusted in length. Second, fix the plastic head of the windproof rope to the seam on both sides of the brim. Finally, the two sides are respectively snapped to death.

    The second method is to sew a hat sticker on the brim. The function of the hat sticker is to adjust the size of the hat circumference and to prevent slippage and wind. Although the side of the hat sticker is self-adhesive, you can directly attach the sticker to the brim, but the head Sometimes sweating can lead to the failure of the cap sticker. Therefore, in order to fix the cap sticker and maximize the function of the cap sticker, choose to use needle thread to reinforce the sticky cap sticker.

    Thirdly, fixing with a hairpin is the most time-saving and labor-saving method. Using the black pressing clip fisherman cap and hair clip together can play a fixed role. Although it saves time and effort, the length of fixing is compared to Other methods are shorter.

    The method of fixing the fisherman's hat has been told to everyone. Let's choose the solution that suits you according to your situation.