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    How to match sweater and hat

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-11-27
    Sweater with cheap promotional baseball cap
    Sweaters with baseball caps The hottest street dress in 2017 is no more than this combination. Put on a baseball cap, plus a sweater, the two big tides superimposed, the effect is natural double. The combination of baseball cap and sweater can't be perfect! Let you become a street fashionista in a second. This kind of funky skills must be learned in the cool autumn and winter!
    Sweater with straw hat
    Nowadays, the practicality of many accessories is not so strong. On the contrary, the fashion-oriented bags pay more attention to its decorative effect. For example, the sun hat that you think can be worn in summer is also really good-looking, casual sweater impact. Sweet and beautiful sun hat, Han Fan soft sister's standard, quickly get up!
    Sweater with slouchy beanie knit hat pattern
    The popularity of knit hats in the autumn and winter seasons is not to be said. It is universally applicable to hats of any age and is very suitable for round face crushes. The sweater and knit hat are also the standard shape of the Korean drama hostess, so that it matches the heart of the boyfriend in an instant!
    Sweater with beret
    With the rise of the retro trend, the beret has returned to fashion dance, and all the street pats have used it to concave shape. Because the beret is very soft and easy to shape, it is paired with a sweater. The most fashionable way to wear it is to put the brim sideways, and the slanting dress looks playful and aura.
    Sweater with a newsboy hat
    I don’t know if this autumn and winter newspaper bonnet is going back to the fashion circle. In short, at the ongoing New York Fashion Week, there aren’t too many fashionable people wearing newspaper hats! Supermodel bella in the past few years loves it very much. And its collocation atmosphere is not too wide, is it also very playful with the sweater?
    The above is the type of hat that suits the sweater. Can you wait for the sweater to come along? Get it up quickly~
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