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    How to find a hat that suits you?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-02-13
    People's preferences are always changing. When our impressions are still on the skinny and tight clothes, nowadays, loose clothes with some pieces of decoration, such as ruffles and tassels, are more exaggerated. The better. Accessories are also integrated into this fashion trend. We have collected some new costumes from the international fashion capital. There are many exaggerated hats. JUST CAVALLI, BYBLOS, MARIELA BUANI, LOEWE, ANN DEMEULEMEESTER and other brands are typical representatives.
    The outstanding feature of this kind of hat is that the brim is wide and large. If you want to subdivide, you can divide it into two categories, one is straw hat type, the front can block the forehead, the back can reach the shoulder, which is more romantic and mysterious; the other is the student hat type, close to the head curve The front is a large brim, free and easy.
    The characteristics of the masters of the big hats: The big hats are suitable for the crowds who are exaggerated in fashion. They don't like the colorful red dresses, but they like the black and gray, and they are slightly neutral. The makeup should be light, a bit cold, in order to adapt to their costumes, showing their independent, self-characteristics.

    The character of the owner without the hat: This hat is the beloved thing of young women around the age of 20, because at this time they are at a carefree age, love shopping, love to hold a variety of personalized PAPTY, so naturally it is indispensable Some special accessories, such as the help of a hat, no hats come in handy at this time, it has a kind of informality, but also a kind of modern free and easy, whether it is punk-style clothing, or very street-like Dressing, or a dress that tastes a bit like a student, can be harmoniously matched with this hat. Makeup can be based on the style of the clothing, can be cold, but not cold, it will not be suitable for their age. Hair style is better with straight hair.
    The character of the mixed-blood cap owner: a woman with a cold and temperamental face must choose this style-style hat. The makeup should be lighter and must be transparent. Note that the makeup should not be too flat, aiming to highlight a part of the face, such as eye shadow, eyeliner or It is a lip gloss, and the color can be selected according to the color of the garment. The clothes you wear can't be sloppy, so cool hats must be matched with the same cool styles, hollow shirts, bloomers, military LOOK-style leather pants, loose shirts with pleats and tights. Pants and so on are worth considering.