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    How to choose the sun hat Sun hat shopping raiders to share

    • Author:jason
    • Release on:2018-08-13
    Wear a suitable sun hat in summer, not only can sun-shading, protect skin, but also can play a decorative role.
    So how do you choose the sun cap?
    Occupational: Summer in the field of the people to choose the sun cap, should focus on its shading function, light-colored, wide along the various hats and work cap is the most appropriate.
    Indoor work, only in the commute on the way to wear, should be in style and color highlighting its decorative function.
    Shape: Women with a shapely body have more room to choose a solar cap, and a stocky woman should try to choose a lighter color, a narrow-brimmed sun cap; a shorter neck, with a half along and a narrow rim of the sun cap more appropriate, if the choice of wearing a wide-brimmed sun cap, people will produce a sense of oppression; the skin white person may choose the color to be more colourful the sun hat
    , the color of the black people should choose red, chrysanthemum yellow, light gray sun caps.
    Women with long hair, choose to wear around the wide edge of the sun cap, you can receive the effect of hair protection, the person with short hair, choose to wear wide or narrow along the sun cap is more appropriate.
    Age: Young people choose a bright color, novel style of the sun hat, conducive to foil the enthusiasm and lively personality, the middle-aged are prominent generous, mature and calm age characteristics. In addition, the choice of hats should also pay attention to whether it is consistent with personal temperament. Lively girl can choose color contrast, style slightly exaggerated can highlight personality hats.
    As a professional woman, we should choose hats that can show her ability and not lack of feminine taste. In the purchase of hats you should also pay attention to the coordination with other accessories, so that the match properly. For example, hats and glasses, the two are very close, choose a hat should also pay attention to the shape of the glasses, patterns, colors and coordination.