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    How to choose the best baseball cap

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-10-25
    Baseball caps is our common costumes and accessories. The beautiful and versatile baseball caps are perfect for everyday casual wear, so they are favored by many fashionable men and women.
    The baseball cap itself also has the distinction of flat, curved, soft and hard. For a friend with selective phobia, it is also a good choice to choose a satisfactory baseball cap.
    A big problem. Today, the hat manufacturer aungcrown will come to talk with you about whether the baseball cap is a good or a soft one.
    The difference between a hard baseball cap and a soft baseball cap is that the hard baseball cap can be fixed for a long time even if it is not worn. The soft baseball cap is not worn.
    The time will not keep the hat type, the main reason for this is because the baseball cap custom materials are different, such as some soft fabrics like cotton, velvet fabrics, etc.
    The custom baseball cap is soft because it is soft in texture. Hard baseball caps are generally made of denim and canvas.

    Some of the harder fabrics. The hard baseball cap has a fixed cap that looks more spiritually pleasing, but the soft baseball cap is softer to wear and more comfortable.
    In fact, both types of baseball caps have their own characteristics. Which one is better or better should be considered from the perspective of personal, like the personality of a hard baseball cap, stylish Style, still like the soft baseball cap leisure, wild. Also depends on your own personal preferences and daily dress style.