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    How to choose a hat for the elderly people in winter

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-12-10
    How to choose a hat for the elderly in winter, health is not on certain days but every day, the wear of the elderly is closely related to health, and the benefits of wearing a hat for the elderly in the winter are many, so do you know how to choose a hat for the elderly in winter?

    How old people choose hats in winter In winter, the cold is compelling, especially when the cold north wind blows, people are always in ice water. If you have a winter hat, it will feel a lot warmer, especially for the elderly with a weak constitution. Wearing a hat in winter is very beneficial.

    The elderly should wear more hats and gowns in winter
    From winter to winter, the chills are intense. For those with a weak constitution and chronic attacks of chronic diseases, if you plan to wear a winter hat, the benefits are many. Wearing a hat in winter can even keep you warm, and avoid diseases such as cold and cold, cough, headache, facial paralysis (ie, mouth and eye distortion).

    First, the blood vessels of the elderly who are good for health care are not as smooth as those of the young people, and they are even a little hardened. If they are cold, it will inevitably cause the constriction of the cerebral blood vessels, slightly cause dizziness, headache and severe accidents. One cannot underestimate the health function of a hat. In addition, like a woolen hat, a hoodie, etc., it can also cover and protect the ears.

    Second, the protective function, a hat on the head, in case of a slight rub, the hat can "buffer". Not long ago, when I passed by a commercial building on Nandan East Road, I was "hit" by a blank reaction lighter that "flyed" upstairs. Fortunately, my head was blocked by a hat, which did not cause any harm. Elderly people are relatively unresponsive and physically weak and young, so proper protection is necessary.

    Third, it is good for keeping warm. To prevent the cold, people wear thick winter clothes and warm shoes, but many people do n’t have the habit of wearing hats. As everyone knows, the human head also needs to be warm. What's more, many elderly people have relatively thin hair (easy to dissipate heat) and need hats to keep them warm. The material of the winter hat can be wool, woolen cloth, or a hoodie with a down jacket. Anyway, it should be thicker to keep warm.

    Fourth, beautiful features If you buy a beautiful, stylish hat, you can "wrap" gray hair; if the style and color of the hat and clothing match, you can show the coordination and beauty. There is a dialect saying, "The elderly scratch their heads and scratch their heads." And the old gray head can beautify the hat!
    In the winter, wearing a hat may cause hair loss. The hat should be breathable and loose.

    As the temperature drops, hats and gloves are coming soon. But this method of keeping your body warm must be used properly. Experts remind: don't wear hats for long in winter, otherwise it will easily lead to hair loss.

    It is necessary to wear a hat to keep warm in cold weather, especially for the elderly. Some are relatively rare, and they are weak and afraid of cold. Therefore, it is best to wear a hat to keep warm when going out. Headache, facial paralysis and other diseases.

    Experts point out that wearing a tandem hat can cause pores in the scalp to breathe, sebum accumulates on the scalp, and it is easy to form dandruff, itching, or skin wounds, causing hair loss. The scalp is not resistant to sweltering heat, and the hat or helmet clasped on the head cannot continue to breathe for a while, especially the hairline and hair roots that are oppressed by the cap, and it is easier to lose hair due to loose skin.

    Therefore, when wearing a hat on a cold day, you must first choose a slightly larger than the head. Wearing it will not squeeze the hair, so that the scalp has room for ventilation. Secondly, we must pay attention to the material. Those who love oil on the scalp should wear breathability. It is time again for light and thin. When you go out in the morning and evening, you should take it out when you enter the room. When the sun is good at noon, let your hair out. Hats, people with weak constitutions and colds should wear woolen or woolen hats.

    People who have self-confidence should pay more attention to not wearing a cap repeatedly to cover the contradiction of less hair, comb their hair on time every day, moderately massage the scalp, maintain a good attitude, and pay attention to nutritional balance in order to make hair grow stronger.