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    How to Pick the Best Winter Hats for Women in 2021

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-10-13
    When it comes to finding the best hats for winter, you’re spoiled for choice! The key is to choose a winter hat that not only provides you with much-needed warmth but also reflects your personal style. Use this style guide to find the perfect hat to celebrate the snowy season with.

    What to Consider When Choosing the Best Winter Hats for women
    When it comes to the best winter hats, it’s often a case of one-size-fits-all because the material used to construct many warm hats is stretchy and will adapt to various head sizes. A good-quality winter hat should keep the wearer’s head warm and offer protection for the ears, neck, and face if the weather is especially frigid.

    Winter hats should be soft and comfortable, and the fabric should also help retain body heat without causing sweating. The following common winter hat materials all have their benefits as well as best uses. Thick yarn is a staple in many winter hats because it allows for stretch and offers a thicker, insulating effect.

    Cotton: Cotton, which is an all-natural fiber, is lightweight and breathes, wicking moisture away from the wearer’s head. Cotton is often used in winter hat liners or in combination with other fibers to increase its warmth-retention ability. For those who like layering headwear, a thin cotton beanie worn under a thicker knitted hat adds comfort. A plain cotton winter hat may be all that’s necessary, however, in a draft-free workshop—especially if there’s a space heater in use to help take the edge off the chill. Most cotton hats are washable.

    Wool: Another natural product, wool comes from the hair or fur of animals, including sheep, goats, and rabbits, among others. The natural protein present in real wool provides warmth and insulation, making it a top choice for warm winter wear, including hats. Wool is often combined with other fibers to add a silky feel and elasticity. Wool hats usually require dry-cleaning.

    Women's Winter Hat Styles
    The weather outside is frightful, but these stylish winter hats are so delightful. Shop these top picks then peruse our wide selection of women's wool hats.

    Winter Beanie
    Probably the most popular winter hat style that comes in virtually every shape, color, and fabric, a beanie is an absolute must in every woman's winter hat wardrobe. Universally flattering for petite to large frames and versatile enough for multiple occasions, beanies can be as serious or playful as you want.

    For a fun take on this warm hat must-have, try a ribbed pom-pom beanie with your favorite cowl neck sweater. For a touch of luxury, treat yourself to a warm beanie in cashmere or merino wool. Or try a chunky knit beanie to take advantage of the excellent insulation it provides.

    Ball Cap
    Surprised to see a baseball hat make the list? Yeah, thought you might be. But wearing this ultra-casual classic can actually be quite chic if you choose the right fabric, color, and style.

    Whether it's a snapback, snapback, or fitted ball cap, look for cold-weather fabrications such as cashmere, wool blends, or crushed velvet to keep your head warm. Consider rich jewel tones — wine, emerald, indigo, aubergine — to give your entire ensemble a sense of laidback luxe. Or simply wear your ball cap with a puffer jacket from Patagonia or The North Face for a fuss-free day in the snow.

    Bucket Hats
    For a cute, vintage look, snag a bucket hat. These thin-profile hats evoke a timeless look that’s both sophisticated and snuggly. Bucket hats style well with a knee-length skirt and a retro-inspired blouse. Alternatively, you could also couple a bucket hat with a cute tall maxi dress and pumps. Opt to add a little flair with some tool accents or even a wool flower pinned to the side. These fashionable hats almost never go out of style and provide plenty of warmth for those frigid days.

    The first thing that should come to mind when choosing a winter hat is to find out whether or not it provides adequate warmth and protection from the elements. After that, a few additional features can help make the hat more fashionable or functional.

    Reversible: Some knitted hats feature one color or pattern on one side and another color or design on the other side, making it handy to turn the hat inside out for a whole new look.

    Lining: A separate lining acts as a second fabric layer to help retain body heat or wick away moisture to reduce sweating.

    Double knit: A type of knitting that creates a double layer of fabric for a thicker, denser hat.

    Crochet: A favorite of home crafters, a crocheted hat can have either a dense or a loose weave, depending on the type of stitches.

    When fighting the cold weather without sacrificing your fashion sense is a must, a winter hat is just what you need. With so many options ranging from anything but basic beanies to fabulous fedoras and other winter-approved headwear, the key is knowing what best suits the situation and your personality.

    Whatever you decide, women's winter hats have plenty to offer when it comes to style and substance. Be sure to custom aungcrown full selection of women's wool hats and felt hats and you’ll be ready to fight the chill in style.