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    How does the hat looks better?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-04-23
    If you still think that the hat is only used to shade and wind, then you will not be able to keep up with the trend. Women who can match have already learned to use hats to dent a variety of shapes, cute fans, casual style, retro style, etc. Different types of hats correspond to different styles. Hats are actually as difficult to choose as summer T-shirts. The effect of wearing is not only Only because of the softness of the material will cause a difference in style, but also because the mold of the hood is different in size and depth, and finally shows a completely different wearing result. Let's look down with aungcrown!

    Top.1 bright color hat
    For us in the autumn and winter, most of the colors in the wardrobe are mainly black and white gray camels. If you wear them for a long time, you will feel light and light, and you want to be active. Yellow is a color that many people like, and under the sun, the golden light shines on the yellow hat, and it feels like it is glowing, which makes people shine and attract their eyes. Quite sunny and special!

    Top.2 loose hat
    The warm and thick knitted hat is definitely an iconic accessory in winter. Knitted hats can create a unique sense of fashion according to different knitting and weaving processes. They are also suitable for all ages and have both warmth and practicality. They are very useful. Loose knit hat can change your face shape, it will show a small face, not only very versatile, but also with a sense of fashion, very plastic. Therefore, the knitted hat can be held regardless of whether it is matched with long hair or short hair.

    Top.3 same color hat
    Animal prints have always held a stable position in the fashion industry. The classic leopard print is also known as a fashion that never fades. It is an element that can achieve sexyness without exposing an inch of skin. The texture of the leopard pattern is very fashionable. I have bought so many sweaters. It is time to buy a hat to match it. It will definitely add a lot of color to your match. It does n’t need a strong aura to hold it. The colorful leopard pattern shirt and brown jacket make the fashion full of vitality!