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    How do older people choose a hat?

    claire Aung Crown 2019-01-25 16:13:11
    When people reach old age, their yang is weak, various physiological functions gradually decline, their ability to adapt to the outside world is poor, and their resistance is weakened. Therefore, the wear of the elderly should be particular. Generally, the elderly should wear light, soft, warm, loose and simple.
    Wearing a hat not only has the function of beautifying the instrument, but also has the practical function of maintaining the heat balance of the human body. In clothing hygiene, the value of heat dissipation greater than the amount of heat produced is often referred to as "hot debt." Experiments have shown that under normal circumstances, when the "hot debt" is less than 105 joules, the human body is basically in a comfortable state; when the "hot debt" exceeds 6 x 105 joules, people will feel cold. Some people in foreign countries have tested the role of hats. They found that at 0 °C, when they were at rest, the two people wearing the Arctic suits had more than 105 joules of heat per hour compared with the caps. . Test figures show that the function of the hat is mainly to adjust the "hot debt" to maintain the body's thermal balance. Wearing it will not cause the heat change of the whole body due to the excessive heat generated by the head, and it is not easy to cause a cold feeling.

    The material of the hat should be soft, light and warm. People with strong sebaceous glands and more hair and oil should wear a breathable, thin hat, and always brush them to remove oil and sweat. People who are weaker and more susceptible to colds should use hats made of wool or wool. The winter in northern China is very cold and can be used as a fur hat. For people with high blood pressure, don't put your hat too heavy, and don't hoop too tightly to prevent headaches. If you buy a new hat, if you have urticaria or bronchial symptoms on your skin, consider whether it is caused by the fur or down in the hat. No matter what hat, don't borrow from each other to prevent the spread of head lice.