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    How To Choose Summer Bucket Hat In 2021

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-04-06
    What are your must-have accessories in summer? We think a hat is in with a good chance on most people’s lists. And bucket hats began to become popular last year, as a result, we could see many celebrities and influencers wear bucket hats in their daily life and during vacation. It still goes on a hot trend this year, but with some changes. Today, we will introduce the hottest bucket hat styles in 2021 and show you how to wear it in style. Let’s check it out!

    Different from the style in 2020, the brim of this year’s bucket hat is much wider, which makes it friendly to more people and could better block out the sun.

    Another change of this year’s bucket hat is that there are two drawstrings present on the two sides which prevent the hat from being blown away on a windy day. Of course, you could leave these two drawstrings alone and make it part of your chic look.

    1. How To Choose The Color Of A Bucket Hat?
    If you prefer a bucket hat in a solid color, we suggest you take creamy white as your first choice as it is full of a casual vibe and you don’t need to worry about how to pair with your outfits. The pictures above will give an idea of what we mean.

    Except for creamy white, pastel colors are another hot choice, such as pink, blue and yellow. Express your sweet side with good-enough- to eat ice cream colors.

    2. What Is The Hottest Pattern Of A Bucket Hat?
    When it comes to the pattern of a bucket hat, check must be the priority suggestion. You can pair it with your graphic outfits, and of course, the best friend of a check bucket hat is check outfits, which easily makes a statement look.

    Another popular pattern of bucket hats is flowers! Do you want to plan your next vacation after seeing the pictures above? Floral bucket hats are perfect with swimwear and floral outfits. You can also style it with white dresses which are also on a hot trend now.

    3. How To Style A Bucket Hat?
    The most popular and common way to wear a bucket hat in style is to turn the brim up.

    The comparison picture above will give you an idea of what we mean. Turning the brim up easily make you look cuter and full of juice.

    You could also tie the drawstrings up and wear the bucket hat at your back just as the picture above shows. Although this way makes the bucket hat out of function, it’s a good idea to take a perfect picture.

    What’s the Difference Between Cotton and Polyester Bucket Hats?
    Cotton hats dominate the bucket category, but you will see some 100% polyester hats or a mixture of the two. So what’s the difference?

    Cotton – If you will be in an area where there is dry heat, the bucket hat for the occasion is one made of 100% cotton.

    Since it is so absorbent, you should avoid cotton in wet, damp areas and be sure that you wash it before the first use because it may shrink a little!

    Polyester – Polyester is slightly more durable than cotton is, but it isn’t as breathable, and we wouldn’t recommend it for use in dry heat. Things will get awfully stuffy under the hat if you’re out in 90°F + temperatures, but if you get caught in the rain shower, you will stay dry as you dash for cover.

    Mix – Cotton/Polyester mixes are the best of both worlds since you get the superior UV protection and durability of the polyester along with a bit more breathability thanks to the cotton. You will find this type of hat best in cool areas but not in hot, dry climates.

    Brim Style
    All bucket hats are equipped with ventilation holes in the top, so regardless of the material, there will be a little airflow under them.

    As you compare hats to determine which is the right material and style for your needs, consider the brim style to make sure you get the right one for the occasion.

    Rigid or Floppy – Some hats have stiffer, more rigid brims than others do since, meaning that they stick out straight. Others, such as the Mission Cooling Bucket Hat, are looser and floppier, which means that they slump down a bit around the ears, back of the head, and in front of the eyes. Neither one is better than the other is, but a floppy brim can get in your line of sight and might not be the best choice for activities such as hunting or paintballing. However, they provide more shade, so if you’re out in the garden and looking down as you work, a wide, floppy brim is great.

    Wide or Narrow – Check out the brim width, as well. Wider brims offer better sun protection but might slightly block your view. Narrow brims offer less shade, but you can see more easily. Be sure to weigh out your options before deciding which is the best bucket hat for your activities!

    Features of a Good Bucket Hat
    Materials – Most Bucket hats will consist of 1005 cotton although there are cotton and polyester blends, and polyester hats.

    Colors and Washes – Bucket Hats come in various solid colors and washes, and I have also seen some printed and tye-dye options available.

    Brim Size – The hat’s brim can be anything between two and four inches in most bucket hat models.
    Other Features – Many Bucket hats come with metal holes at the sides for better ventilation, and some may even have an interior sweatband.

    That’s today’s introduction about the hottest bucket hats from aungcrown.