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    Hats should wear in this way

    pearl www.wholesaler-hats.com 2015-01-23 17:11:47

    Hats should wear in this way

      Core Tip: Sunglasses is sunken modeling tool in the Summer, in autumn and winter season, the girls are more tend to wear hat and scarf, warm and modeling, kill two birds with one stone. Hat, painter cap, octagonal cap, hat.

      Sunglasses is sunken modeling tool in the Summer, in autumn and winter season, the girls are more tend to wear hat and scarf, warm and modeling, kill two birds with one stone. Hat, painter cap, octagonal cap, hat, Choose diversiform style each different, how to choose and how to match became a difficult problem. Let’s see how models are doing.

      01 From inside and outside of absolute unity from top to bottom naked, every will be unique to women sexy, feminine, elegant completely showed .The ornament of a knit cap, the quiet elegance to ascend, striking eyes absorption but not aggressive. Curly hair and waist, beautiful and moving.

      02 Candy color dot eyeball felt trilby, bright color sense and dramatic, highlights the enviable youth. Army green cotton-padded jacket and agile handsome and contrasts with the small round cap is nifty and lovely, little girls oddity pixie was vivid portrayal. Leopard grain detachable collars, into the little beast wild and unruly.

      03 wide brim hat modeling feeling and feeling restoring ancient ways is very easy to wear fashionable temperament, with elegant profile type down jacket to match just right. Bright yellow like the summer sun, delicate and charming, like fire and hats black convergence effect, make the overall temperament less grandiose

      04 highly ethical amorous feelings of red and green colors really bright, at this time the accessories should be darling a good supporting role, not serve as leading role with cloth coat rivalry. Wide brim hat to face there was a modification effect, any shape can be control. Coat the splicing process has high ascending lumbar line show.

      05 Painter style of hat side wear to decorate face, brim pin unilateral eyebrow end protruding charming eyes. Shallow soft tone and coat of white color get along, create a girl pure clean temperament, dressed up like a little princess come out from fairy tale.

      06 Lively pretty short hair can also can control the painter cap, although do not have long curly hair elegant charm, has a unique and agile and nifty and breath. Organ pleated chiffon patchwork cloth coat is sending out the feminine, and painter cap echo a sweet feeling.

      07 lace pattern to break the pure white depressing, avoid drab and build an administrative levels feeling. Red painter cap into the ascension of the modeling of the integral collocation of feeling, in the vast expanse of whiteness that with red very grab an eye. Curly hair casually hang over one shoulder, but lazy charm.

      08 Zipper removable design has resulted in a long down jacket can in a short paragraph with the free conversion between, don't rely on collocation itself will be able to transform a two tees, very practical. Restraint is showily purple foil a light ripe temperament, a lively hooded in won't be dull and boring.

      09 outstanding clothing color is navy blue, because the fabric's own gloss, navy blue light has a sense of luxury. By this time the color of the hat should choose a low profile, the collect inside black composed can and down jacket color echo again, that’s it.

      10 the cap collocation of neuter temperament of neuter temperament black coats, hale fortitude highlights the great woman's agile and fashion taste. Have hubble-bubble sleeve with ruffles ornament will not lack of woman flavor, proper grasp of the scale of the less burdensome feeling.

       11 Small bowknot of beret extremely fashionable temperament, coincides with the fashionable profile type of down jacket. On color and can form contrast, black composed green, balance each other. Unique set of head type design version to completely change the down jacket and dress old image, qualities such as stand out in a crowd.