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    Hat printing process-enhance the texture of the hat

    Jason 2019-01-27 17:14:53
    Modern society, with a fashionable, personal hat has become a fashion. We can see in the streets a lot of patterns, styles, colors of different hats, like a flower blooming in the top of the head of the flowers, dotted with our lives. Now the hat style and style are different, the craft is not the same.

    Today, we will introduce you to the printing process of the hat. The printing process refers to the process of carrying out the printing pattern on the textile with fuel or pigment. Printing can be divided into fabric printing, wool printing and yarn printing, but now the market is mainly based on fabric printing. China's fabric printing process has a long history, as early as ancient China has been the application of hollowed version printing, India in 4th century BC has a template printing.

    Now commonly used screen printing is developed from the hollowed out version. Printed fabric According to the design pattern pattern selection of the corresponding printing process, the commonly used methods are direct printing, anti-dyeing printing and dyeing printing three kinds. Direct printing refers to the white or light-colored fabrics on the first direct printing of fuel or pigments, and then through steaming and other treatment to obtain patterns, short process flow, a wide range of applications. Anti-dyeing printing is a material printed on the fabric to prevent dyeing or coloring of the dye, and then dyed or colored, thus obtaining patterns on the dyeing fabric.

    Dyeing printing refers to the dyeing fabric printed on the dyeing dye of the material, in the dyeing fabric to obtain the pattern of the printing process. There are many kinds of printing, mainly including transfer printing, reduction printing, shrinkage printing, flat screen printing, round screen printing, pigment printing, glue printing, ink printing, heat transfer printing and so on.

    Among them, the most widely used is heat transfer printing. The predecessor of the thermal transfer printing process is to use chemical fiber cloth as the test carrier of heat transfer printing. With the further development of science and technology, thermal transfer printing technology has gradually penetrated into more fields, from the initial cloth printing, transition to metal, plastic and other materials, from the plane object transition to uneven irregular objects.

    Thermal transfer printing process has the advantages of green environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon, emission reduction ecology and so on, is a major breakthrough in textile printing technology, can make the fabric feel soft, bright color. Hat printing mainly takes the heat transfer printing technology, in the hat printed pattern, the realization of local embroidery, is to improve the beauty of the hat common way.

    But because the hat and other costumes of different forms, the basic use of a number of pieces of cloth stitching form.

    Simply put, the printing pattern is divided into two halves, after the computer picture processing software for micro-deformation, printing pattern inside and seam before the cloth edge arc is mild, and then the two half-secondary printing printed on two pieces of cloth, and then will have a printed pattern of cloth stitching good, and finally in the whole print pattern corresponding position printed pattern. The craft of the printed hat is finer, highlighting the refinement of the hat and enhancing the feel and texture of the hat. Now there are a lot of clothing, shoes and hats enterprises are using this technology. Bang Hat is a professional engaged in children's hat trade enterprises, the company agent of the Good Children brand Child hat, rich products, including children's hats, scarves, gloves, masks, ear protectors and a variety of cloth hats. The company has always been adhering to the quality of business philosophy, to high-quality products and perfect service, access to the market customers satisfaction and support.