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    Hat collocates to save your hair style

      Going out with a nestlike loose hair in a hurry today, or keeping the long hair recently,but thehair is not long,not short,there is no idea to take care of hair. I believeeach girl happend so embarrassed about hair. How to save your image and changethe hair bring embarrassment. Right,we need a suitable hat.

      Going to late for work, but also the hair is till mess.The delicate makeup look, the perfect clothes are no any sense. Hurry up to take up a smallblack hat, not only conforms to the identity of the OL,also let you creat theimpression of tie-in ace to the person.

       To meet your long time nosee friends. Unfortunately, you are going to long hair, result in tie your hairup or not tie it up. A baseball cap can be solved, and it must be take the sametone with your leisure dress.

      You are ready to doexercise with your friends, except the sports clothes,one cap must be needed.Towear a cap, your hair can be avoided mess up due to the exercise

       The sweet colors make up look is mostsuitable a gentlewomanly wide brim hat, and can be feminine play ncisively andvividly. The hat is not only to save the hair style,but also it is theattention highlights.

      All students dress up andnewsboy cap are the most fitting. The grid design can be as the bright spot inthe whole boday. So it is ok to wear simplest to avoid too much emphasis andmess up.
       The beanies hats is mostsuitable charming you, and wear the long graceful skirt. You must be the mostattractive person in the street.