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    Hat and personal match

    • Author:claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-01-22
    The human face is divided into egg type, fat type, square type and national character type. If a fat-faced person wears a dome, it will have a large face and a small hat. If a large cap is used, it is more suitable. The person with the egg-shaped face wears a cap and the face is even bigger and smaller, and it is even thinner. It is more appropriate to use a dome cap. It is relatively easy for a person with a square face and a national face to choose a hat. People with short necks should not choose colorful hats. A person with a clear eyebrow and a tall body can choose a hat with a brighter color or a romantic color.
    In short, the hat must be properly matched with the face to reflect the symmetry of beauty.
    Hat and skin tone
    For people with ruddy skin, the choice of hats has a wide range of colors and can be coordinated with many colors. Gray-skinned people, suitable for low-purity intermediate colors, such as jade white, stone green, light blue, brown, lavender, etc., do not choose gorgeous colors. For people with white skin, hats are more suitable for color, but because white skin is easy to give people a soft feeling, when choosing a hat, you should avoid choosing white or near-white color. When dark-skinned people choose bright hats, Pay attention to the overall effect of the dress. People with yellow skin should not wear yellow and green hats, but if the hats of dark brown, purple lotus, crab green, rice gray, etc. are properly matched, they can also achieve better results.

    Hat and body
    The taller hat should not be too small, otherwise it will give people a sense of lightness. The thin and thin hat should be small and not big, otherwise it will give a top-heavy feeling. Short women should not wear flat top wide hats, tall women should not wear high caps. Choosing a hat should foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, and it is necessary to wear them properly and make others look good.