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    Handsome gentleman with a hooded cap hairstyle pictures

    pearl www.wholesaler-hats.com 2014-12-29 15:10:17

    Handsome gentleman with a hooded cap hairstyle pictures

      Core prompt:what kind of hair style will match with the Fedora hat?

      neutral beret has become very popular in fashion area.the personalized Fedora hat can match with the slightly curled hair, or shoulder-length hair, you can’t comb the hair shipshapely. Loose curled hair match with the beret will looks unique, or with the Oblique horsetail, or show the hair line at the ear, will looks really cute and fashion.

    The hair style picture with hat.

    The handsome Fedora hat

      The Fedora hat is the necessity accessory, and because of the unisex’s prevailing this season, wear the Fedora hat make you looks more handsome.But we don’t wear the Fedora hat Inclined forward, we will wear it slight to the back. Or if you still get used to the feminization dress up, you also can try the bowler-hat which looks like the fedora hat.

      The hair style suit for Fedora hat DIY step.

      1. braid the hair at the back, If your hair is longer enough, you can pull your hair to the side to braid.

      Pull the braid loose with your finger, knead with your hair, make it looks untidy.


      Make the braid as a bun, and fix it with the hairpin, the bun can be slight to the side.

      One hand hold the bun, other hand pull the hair loose, then when you take off the hat, your hair style still looks good.


      Get some pomade with the finger pulp, and pull the hair loose at both side,also makes your hair looks untidy.

      Wear the Fedora hat or slight to the back, then it won’t destroy your hair style.