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    Five hat collocation for the girls with short hair

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-12-29

                           Five hat collocation for the girls with short hair


      The relaxed short hair is still popular in the winter. I’ll share 5 hat collocations suitable for the short hair girls here, let the girls become more charming.


      1: According to season

      Baseball cap, sun visor cap and gentleman hat are suitable for summer wearing. The winter hat and knitted hat are wore in winter, and the big hat is also the good choice to get a good-looking in winter.

      Collocation 2: According to skin color

      The white people can hold all colors of hat, but to the girls in dark skin please don’t wear the bright color hat.


      Collocation 3: According to the color of clothes

      The different colors of clothes match the different color of hat. If the white cloth and dark pants, the same color hat as pants will be better. If wear a suit in dark color, match a hat in the same color is good choice.


      Collocation 4: According to the character of wearer

      To the strong personality girl, baseball cap is a good choice; The sweet girl can choose the knitted hat; And for the fashion girls, the fedora hat is the best. The suitable is the best.


      Collocation 5: According to the face shape

      Round face: choose the wide and angular hat, such as the high profile hat, wide brim cap, beret, but not the round cap..

      Square face: choose the round cap but not square cap

      Long face: try to choose the hat which can create the short face, the flat top hat with wide brim, but not the high profile cap.

      Lozenge face: choose the round hat which round the outline, but don’t choose the casquette.