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    Fan Ye hat with a straw hat successfully created Sen female wind

    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2015-01-22

    Yefan’s Cap collocation in Flowered non-flower fog non-fog! Straw hat shape's female wind success

    Core Tip: But that very hot TV series, the protagonists dress collocation is bound to bring about a fashion trend, follow, crazy copy, and then beyond, ok, you will win! Flowered non-flower fog non-fog, Ye Fan hat role modeling is a highlight of collocation, female literary women to restore ancient ways, what do you want to "wear" for the idea of all no problem!

    Straw hat female style

    Ye Fan wear most may be in the play is one of the straw hat, cool and refreshing, the wind, it is important to a nifty double horsetail hair youth to cooperate with. White and light blue dress collocation is crucial in small and pure and fresh.


    The painter hat aristocratic style:

    Like rich girl dress up, be sure the knitting painter classic cloak double-breasted coat cap collocation, this is the most direct interpretation. This time, but don't use immature hairstyle to match well.