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    Europe and the United States men cap collocation in winter fashionable boy not to be missed

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2015-01-17

    Europe and the United States men cap collocation in winter   fashionable boy not to be missed

      Core tip: Europe and the United States boys  will wear a hat in winter , no matter for decoration , or keep warm. Both of them are very personality.Today, we will together to get to know what are popular hats in Europe !Now, let us to choose a hats suitable for yourself shape and become a fashionable man.


      The boy is wearing a wool hat, dark brown man hat, simple shape, but has good warmth property.It fit your head, and leave some space, to create the towering feeling, make leisure style.The render of wearing a gray shirt, mix black shirt, coat wear, don't buckle up button more show leisure feeling better.The outermost long coat to wear brown corduroy coat, administrative levels feeling came out, a nostalgic style of jeans, a black wave packet, standing on the grass, there is a rapid vicissitudes of masculinity.

      This boy is a trendsetter, even better for girls, he seized fashion trend, choose a the most fashionable orange pant, leisure trousers collocation, make himself bright immediately and become the focus in the boundless and indistinct.The upper part of the black sweater, casual wear khaki horn sweater coat, an orange chic scarves tied on the neck, match pant very well.Head wearing a patchwork design berets, grid and stripe, pure color together,  absolutely is the most fashionable man hat in winter.