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    Choose the right hat style and be the heroine

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-13

      If you also just think hat only has thermal effect it would be wrong!Now hat in addition to keep warm, to ensure that the wind cold day meimei's hairstyle is not blow, there is another important function is tie-in, hat has gradually evolved into a kind of accessories.Choose a suitable hat is tie-in, manner of leading lady!

    Knitted cap

      Today's knitted cap design is also more and more, on the head with a small ball is lovely MM favorite!How much more knitting hat indeed warmth retention property first!

      If you like to wear beautiful clothes, you can choose joker color hat, scarf, but if you like wearing dark clothes, then choose the color of bright red or yellow roses to brighten the whole is tonal!

      Compared with the joker gray, black, compare relative like sapphire blue hat is lively, is also more prominent likeability, unconsciously let the boy want to be near you.


      Covering wide knitted cap is more neutral point, whether boys or girls are suitable.Handsome girl can be used to make public your personality!Know to enlarge its own charm of the girl is a clever girl


      Han edition knit cap, the ear can be very good protection, if want to increase more sweet degree, can choose the design of hem have balls.



      Decorative strongest must belong to hat, but can put the hat to wear good-looking with fei, clothing collocation can spend a lot of state of mind!Decorative strongest must belong to hat, but can put the hat to wear good-looking with fei, clothing collocation can spend a lot of state of mind!



      Want to go at Christmas party mature route of the MM can't miss the hat, every back to the red carpet with big-name stars hat come deck!Real silk with adornment can make hat does not seem to be very hard!



      All black hat cool, small make up recommend suit with more feminine shirt, like a bud silk shirt, a bowknot design can be the old woman flavour, looming just more attractive!


    Leather straw hat

      Fur hat luxury is, of course, that's right, but also can give a person too much sense of distance, believe most men will brings to you!


      If you choose high affinity bright color knit unlined upper garment, can reduce the fur for luxury and gives people a sense of distance, you can do to the lovely and sweet collocation, and don't want to look too much like a high above the lady!


    Curved baseball cap

      Fashion lady’s necessary cap is not so strong, but also will never let you become a passer-by YiBingDing!


      If you're a along with the gender of the MM, a stocking cap can let you along with the gender and not casually!The more simple dress up, of course, also is easy to get wrong!



      Plush cap leopard grain design, looks very selection, selection of leather, or patent leather coats, who said the party must dress, the princess is dressed up?


    The painter cap

      Speaking of the painter hat always give a person a kind of intellectual subconscious feeling, suitable for quiet temperament route the chick


      A pair of braces skirt of tall waist and have do old feeling short boots, wind restoring ancient ways is easy to let you be a focus!Small make up feel, of course, in fact you don't have to be a painter cap confined to live, or to big red painter hat look lovely little girl next door, distance of zero moment!
     quiet walk route of temperament of the United States eyebrow oh!

    Beret cap

      Beret is a more classic style, but small make up is not special advice in choosing this kind of hat at the Christmas party, because from the popularity of beret slightly a little difference!

      If you are particularly interested berets, gooding at dressing up and down, adding element of a leopard print scarf or fur the practice of small adorn article is good!