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    Beret to wear method counts,how to show your sweet in autumn and winter season

    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-12-16

    Core tip:introduction: in the trend of autumn and winter season, hat is not only warmtool, but also it is the accessories to show individual character for girl. Howmany collocation methods of beret in winter?

    Introduction: inthe trend of autumn and winter season, hat is not only warm tool, but also itis the accessories to show individual character for girl. How many collocationmethods of beret in winter?

    Take a look at the Japanese tide people togetherhow to play the vogue of beret build opportunely.The joker winder cap should be theberets this year. Everywhere people use berets tie-in dress,both warm andfashion. No matter what age you are a girl, you can choose berets,absolutelyjoker! Today, we recommended a few beret wear method, which are the tide femalefavorite wear method!

    The wearing method of berets

    The common berets are made of in clothfabric or wool. But this one is made of black sequins, the popular sequinselements this year were on the berets hat design.It is a trend of breakthrough.It must the wear method of black sequns beret hat,tilted slightly to the rightrear,hair must make fleeciness feeling,matching a wool dress and stockings,wavepoint brown knee-high boots on the court.You can still be a focus in a crowdedstreet.

    The wearing method of berets

    The black woolberet in shiny beads to decorate.Do not need much,simple several crisscrosspattern can have the good feeling. The beret to wear method to cover all hisforehead. And the wide hat will have sweet feeling of leisure when youwear.Tie-in blackish green color hollow-out sweater and black veil,putting on ablack cotton-padded cloth. This is the winter clothing mashups method.Thewarmth you have, the sweet fashion you have, you get into winter beauty!