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    Beauty "cap" flowery weeding net share of luxury hat selection and collocation

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-18

    Beauty "cap" flowery weeding net share of luxury hat selection and collocation

       It seem like we are still not ready for winter of 2014, but it comes with cold wind.In this cold season, the hair is always messed up by cold wind , a beautiful hat not only add fashion elements for  themselves ,but also have the function of  keep scalp warm and cold-proof.If collocation is proper, the hat can also add highlights for fashionable women.

       Christian Dior once said: "no hat, no civilization of man."So the hat of the woman has been promoted to the level of spirit. So fashionable ladies should be how to choose and match the luxury hats? Therefore, the domestic well-known luxury goods trading platform weeding network provide us some luxury hat selection and collocation skill, hope it could give some help to customers.



     NO.1 Round face

     Facial features: circular lines plump, with a bit of childish, while the disadvantage is the lack of line stereo feeling.

      Modified focus: to solve face round shortcomings, let the sense of sight more slender.

      Recommended hat type: wide brim lady hat, wide headband, peaked hat. Lady hat can achieve the function of modified face line, form a slender feeling, also can add some feminine in childlike impression ; And many round face beauty girls don’t like wide headband style hats , but in fact, wearing a headband, can make face to produce a sense of hierarchy, if coupled with the collocation of jewelry, can make visual richness, it will not be the line of sight focus, more magnified round face line ; the peak and the cap body is integrally molded cap extension, so use this condition to lengthen the round face short and wide lines, but when wear it , but when wearing, will still remember put the front visor down, at the same time grasp the point of the forehead and cheek on both sides of the hair, in order to achieve better modification effect.

     NO.2:Long face

      Facial features: long face face is long and narrow width of cheeks. 

      Modify key point : through  accessories decoration , shorten face line on the vision to the appropriate length. 

      Recommended hat: military hat, fisherman hat.Using the brim of military hat , slightly forward to wear, can modify lines well.As for the fisherman hat and long face can be said perfect matching , the fisherman hat long brim  can cover an area of long cheek, shortens the lines on the vision. 

      NO.3:Inverted triangular face. 

      Facial features: inverted triangular face mainly present the narrow width of the lines.

      Modify key point : major modifications key point is face above wide blocks, but basically, inverted triangular face don't have big problem when wear suitable hats 

      Recommended hat: hollow hat .Inverted triangular face, in fact, quite suitable for many style hats, the key point is need  pay more attention to using the cover off the upper cheeks wide brim block lines, hollow hat could cover  over the forehead when wear it, then  then re-use hair on the both cheek to modify face well.

      NO.4:Square face

      Facial features: square line, cheek width is wide, angular.

      Modified key point : soften the face rigid lines and angles.

      Recommend hats type: ladies cap, fisherman hat.Most of the ladies hat brim is wide and has a soft rad, when you wear it, can reach the effect softness on the vision.Fisherman hat also has not clingy, fabric soft, wide brim characteristic, the key point it also has the function of soften square face and change face line   

      The above is weeding website summarize several luxury hats collocation skills for everybody .Nowadays, a hat has many function.In the cold winter, it has cold-proof function , but also it's  the most distinctive "ghost horse declaration of individual character, the image of the" taste of clothing label ".Nowadays, weeding website is booming international famous brands of hats.Those fashion and creative hats make more women have the feeling of "top" fashion "hat".