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    Basic specifications and common sense about hats

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-08-04
      The hat(china cap and hat wholesales) has the functions of sunshade, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many types, and the choices are also particular.
      The first step is to choose the right phase based on the face. The human face is mainly square (national face), round (round face) and sharp Type (sharp face) three.
        Wearing a round cap on the round face, it looks big and small. Such as wearing a wide cap is more appropriate. The sharp-faced person wears a cap and appears to be bigger and smaller on the face, and more slim. Therefore, wearing a round cap is more appropriate. People with Chinese characters wear all the hats.
        Second, choose a hat according to your body. The height of the person should not be small, otherwise it will give people a light and heavy feeling. The short person is the opposite. A tall woman should not wear a high-cap, otherwise the feeling is "again". A short lady should not wear a flat top and a wide squat, and it will look shorter. Wearing a hat and dressing, you should try your best to avoid weaknesses, even if you wear satisfaction, you must make people look good. The form and color of the hat must be matched with clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes. Women who cut glasses, don't wear the appearance of embossed flowers on the top, it is not appropriate to cover the forehead with a hat, the height of the phase is higher, so that you can show your chic style and elegant temperament.

      The size of the man's hat is the number of centimeters around the head, so the purchase is very convenient. However, considering that some phases should shrink after washing, they should be slightly larger when purchased.
        The average adult man's hat number is 55-56, the bean hat is 50-55, and the baby hat is 42-46. Adult women's hats, sun hats and sports caps are only divided into one to three. The knit cap(high quality hat supplier china) is size-independent, it can be stretched and cope, and some are calculated by weight-gram.