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    Baby hat material baby hat What kind of baby hat?

    jason 2018-08-15 17:50:36
    Baby hat material baby hat What kind of baby hat?

    What's a baby hat?

    A hat is something that is worn on the head, used for shading, decoration, warmth, or protection. According to the different function of the hat can be divided into many different kinds. According to functional points there are sun caps, wind and rain caps, helmets, dust caps, nightcap, work caps, travel caps, hats and so on. According to the fabric divided into knitted hats, hats, hat, leather hats, wool hats and so on. According to the characteristics of the style, there are berets, caps, and some symbols of the culture of the hat, such as Beijing-style caps and tiger head caps. In short, the world of hats is colorful.

    To talk about the specification of the hat, the specification of Chinese hat starts from number 46th, 46~56 is the child's cap, 55~60 is the adult cap, and above 60th is the oversized cap. A baby cap is a baby's hat, as its name suggests. Baby just born, it is necessary to wear a hat, especially outdoors, so you can avoid the wind cold or sunburn.

    People used to wear hats mainly to shade or keep warm, but now many people wear hats more attention to its decorative role, the hat as an important accessory. Similarly, now the baby cap in addition to the protection of a certain function will also add a lot of beauty for appreciation, not only to the beauty of people, the baby is also very beautiful!

    Is the baby hat necessary?

    There are a lot of mothers in the preparation of the baby bag will have a baby hat, think it is important to do a good job in the head of the baby, but the other part of the parents let the baby's head naked, think there is no need to wear a hat. So is it necessary to put a hat on the baby? Let's get to know each other.

    Baby in particular the head of the newborn body for the total length of 1/4, the head is very large, and the head of the blood vessels are very rich, because there is no subcutaneous fat protection, so the amount of heat dissipation. Winter day cold, take the baby out or home when the temperature is low should give the baby to wear a warm and comfortable hat, it can play a warm role, to prevent the wind after catching cold, to reduce the distribution of body heat is also very important. In the cooler spring and autumn season, can give the baby to wear a suitable small single cap, also can play a very good warm effect.

    Another summer, the baby wear a good breathable hats, can block the strong sunlight, so that the baby's eyes and skin feel cool and comfortable, outside activities can prevent heatstroke, but also less raw prickly heat.

    So generally, it is recommended that Mom and dad prepare a hat for their own baby, hat price is not expensive, a cute hat not only for the charm of the baby plus points, but also to give the baby more care, so the parents do not act up to their baby to prepare a cute baby hat.

    What are the materials for baby hats?

    Baby's skin is more sensitive, so the mother in choosing the material of the hat is also necessary to be very cautious.

    1, the knitted hat is the best cotton. Give the baby's hat best with pure cotton or milk cotton, breathable good and do not stimulate the skin. Although the wool is warm and good, but the baby is easy to itch, especially after sweating.

    2, the baby hat as far as possible to select cotton quality. The advantage is soft texture, safe non-toxic, suction sweat, breathable, can let the baby from the hot and humid suffering.

    3, the summer hat material must be thin or breathable. Can choose the hollow material, such as straw, leather hollow section.

    4. Choose the hat of light-colored system. White, beige, yellow, sky blue, pink, powder green and other light-colored caps are not easy to absorb heat, but also in the scope of consideration.

    In addition, when buying hats need to pay attention to the following aspects.

    1, according to the needs of the choice

    Now baby hat a lot of varieties, mostly according to different functions to classify, mothers can according to their own needs to choose. For example shade to choose wide along the hat, can cover shading effect is good, the brim must be broad enough. The CAP and the wide-brimmed hat are more suitable.

    2, head around to absorb sweat

    Wearing a hat is easy to cover sweating, sweat flow down easy to hurt the eyes, but also make the baby very uncomfortable. The brim is the most easy to sweat, so in the selection of hats to pay special attention to the hat to protect the head around the material, must be soft texture, strong absorption of sweat, not easy to fade.

    3, heat dissipation is the key

    Some mothers are mainly to shade, often ignore the demand for cooling. The blood vessels in the head of the baby are rich, there is no subcutaneous fat protection, so the amount of heat dissipation. If the baby wears an airtight baby summer hat, not only the heat is not distributed, and cover full head is prickly, so must choose a thin breathable strong hat.

    Baby Hat Precautions

    Baby's body is very vulnerable, although wearing a hat is a common thing, but in order to care for their baby, wearing a hat is also need to pay attention to. When the baby wears a hat, the mother should pay attention to the following matters, only to be said to be wearing a hat correctly.

    1. Will you wear a hat when you go out? No!

    Some mothers just take the baby out will give the baby hat, this is a bit over. Although the hat can be worn all the seasons, it is not necessarily that the child will wear a hat. In the sunny days, the sun can provide valuable nutrition for children, sunlight can make the skin of T-dehydrogenation cholesterol into vitamin D, to prevent the occurrence of rickets has a very important role.

    In addition, the sun has a strong sterilization role, children more exposure to the sun, can improve the disease resistance, prevent infectious diseases. If a baby wears a hat outdoors, it will be much less exposed to sunlight. Therefore, wearing a hat depends on the time and the weather.

    2, wearing other people's hats? No!

    Baby's hat as a personal clothing, not casually wear others. Many diseases such as capitis, lice and other skin infections can be transmitted through the hat.

    3, do not wash the hat? No!

    Some children have a strong sebum secretion, scalp oil secretion is particularly much, can make hair more oil shiny, appropriate to wear breathable, portable letter hats, and often wash, to keep the hat clean.

    Baby Hat DIY

    Some mothers worry that the outside of the goods too much processing raw materials, will hurt the health of the baby, so want to do a cute little hat, but do not know where to start. Today small make up to give everyone a weapon, teach you how to do cute little meng hat.

    Here is a pretty baby bear baby cap making and tailoring tutorials, using used underwear or soft T-shirts as raw materials, according to the drawings can be easily cut to make, hurriedly hands to their baby to do a.

    1, first according to the size of the picture cut, the cloth cut into the same proportion of the appearance. This is the main part of the hat.

    2, and then is sewing the hat ear part, make into a meniscus.

    3, put the Hat small ear part in the hat main body part respectively.

    4, Sew Good brim part, the bottom part rolls up to fix good.

    5, the hat turned over, became.