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    Aungcrown hat design and custom manufacturers tell you why so many people like to wear a hat?

    Claire Aung Crown 2019-05-24 14:24:43
    First, for the hair to keep warm and cold: the head is called "the convergence of all the sun" Medical research found that people who do not wear a hat at rest, when the ambient temperature is 15 °C, the amount of heat lost from the head accounts for the total heat of the human body Thirty percent, 60% of total calories at 4 °C. If the head is cold, it will cause cerebral vasoconstriction. If you feel dizziness, headache, or cause dystrophic circulation disorder and hair follicle metabolic dysfunction, This leads to a nutritional imbalance of the hair or a large amount of unnatural hair loss. Seriously, it may also induce palpation of some diseases. It can be seen that in the cold winter, the head and the rest of the human body need to be warm and cold.
    Second, for hair dust and pollution: winter winds and sand, dust, especially in today's increasingly polluted era, when the hair is blown and invisible, the microbes and dust in the hair above the head are like sandpaper The gravel on the scalp, while raging on the scalp, increases the friction between the comb and the hair and hair when combing and moving daily. Those who can't see the microbes can cause bacteria in your scalp, and even cause hair follicle infection, which directly affects the living environment and quality of hair. The friction causes the hair on the surface of the hair to rise, and the appearance of the hair becomes rough. In severe cases, the hair is split and broken. At this time, wearing a comfortable and stylish hat is tantamount to wearing a beautiful and protective outerwear for the hair, effectively blocking the invasion of dust and microorganisms.

    Third, for hair sunscreen radiation: Many women who love beauty will take full-armed sun protection measures in the summer, especially holding a colorful umbrella, both sunscreen and fascinating, but in winter it often ignores the power of sunlight. When you walk, you always chase the sun. In fact, because the air in the winter is dry and clear, the transparency of the ultraviolet rays in the sun is not low, so you should not take the sun in the winter lightly. Excessive sun exposure should still be prevented. Then, in order to prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays, choosing a hat with a matching style and color and clothing is nothing more than a sophisticated method that is both fashionable and practical.
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