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    All You Need To Know About Custom A Sun Hat in Summer

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-03-23
    Headwear might not be the first thing you search for when summer rolls around – swim shorts, Cuban collars and sunglasses probably all come first. But, as an alternative form of sun protection – and a potentially stylish wardrobe addition – a summer hat is a fine investment for the right head.

    So whether you are going for a hike, hanging at the beach, or simply in the backyard gardening, a good sun hat provides adequate protection to both your head and neck from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

    To save you from reaching for that trusty battered beanie, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive guide on hats that work specifically in the summer months. So, from the most important styles to how to find the one that suits you, here’s how to get headwear right when the sun has got its hat on.

    How to custom A Sun Hat
    When custom a sun hat, we found that the following 8 considerations are among the most important in order to find a hat to meet your needs:

    1. Style
    Sun hats come in 4 main styles, here’s a quick look at each:

    Bucket: With wide brim around the entire hat, the bucket style provides the most complete protection from the sun. 
    Cap: Like a simple baseball cap or snapback hat, a cap has a brim in the front to protect your face but no protection on the back.  Some sun hats do have a hidden flap that can be pulled down from inside the hat that extends to the neck.
    Fedora: Similar in size and shape to the bucket hat, a Fedora has a moderately sized brim that wraps around the hat and is a bit more stylish and can be easily dressed up.
    Flap: Designed for ultimate protection, the flap sun hat covers both the neck and face.  Designed for traversing deserts and other intense environments where sun exposure is prolonged.

    2. Material
    Material is important when buying a sun hat. Having an impact on breathability, washability, and style presentation, take a moment to know the common materials used in a variety of sun protection hats:

    Polyester / Nylon: The most durable and common, polyester and nylon are both moisture-wicking and a natural water repellant (source).  While not as breathable as cotton, many polyester sun hats will have ventilation throughout the hat. These synthetic materials are also incredibly durable.
    Cotton / Linen: This natural and breathable fabric will feel great against your head.  However, the slow drying times and susceptibility to tearing make it not as prevalent for both hiking and traveling.
    Straw: Often handwoven in South American countries (i.e Ecuador, Panama, etc.), straw is lightweight and stylish.  Straw sun hats are great for pool parties or semi-formal outdoor gatherings. Just know that this material doesn’t travel well and cannot be folded.

    3. Intent
    How do you plan on wearing your sun hat?  Is it just for vacation?  Backpacking across Europe?  Does it need to fit in your carry-on luggage?  Or do you plan on wearing it every time you go out hiking or just in the back yard when you are throwing the football to your kids?

    Whatever the reason you are buying the sun hat, different styles are better suited for different occasions.  For instance, a sun hat for hikes will be lightweight, have an interior sweatband, and have a chin-strap that secures the hat in the event of a sudden breeze. 

    4. Sun Protection
    The primary purpose of a sun hat is to provide adequate protection to both your face and neck from the sun.  Therefore, you will want to make sure that the sun hat you buy has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) Rating of 50 or more.  A UPF rating of 50+ will block 97.5%+ of the UV rays.

    5. Hat & Brim Size
    Sun hats come in many different sizes which is a tug and pull of advantages and disadvantages. 

    When settling on a brim size, think about how you plan on wearing the sun hat.  If you are going to the beach or just plan on lounging in the hat and not running around, then a brim larger than 3″ will be fine.  However, if you are going on a hike, then a narrow brim less than 3″ will be a better choice.

    While a sun hat with a wide brim offers better protection, the hat becomes heavier, more likely to be caught in a sudden gust of wind, and generally limits mobility.  So think about these factors before purchasing.

    6. Color
    When selecting a sun hat, you will find that most are light in color as it will reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool. Darker colors such as dark brown, black, navy, camo, etc. will absorb the rays and transmit more heat to your head.

    7. Additional Features
    While we covered many of the key considerations above, here are a few additional features that some companies add to their hats:

    Internal Sweatband: This little strip of fabric around the inside of the hat will be helpful in preventing sweat from dripping down your face or neck.  Furthermore, it will also reduce sweat from soaking through to the exterior.
    Vents Holes / Mesh: Increased circulation allows for lower temperatures inside the hat and ultimately less sweating and increased comfort. 
    Drawcord / Drawstring: Standard on nearly all sun hats, a drawcord or chin strap secures the hat from blowing off your head with a sudden gust of wind.
    Waterproof: If you are hiking and find yourself in a sudden rainstorm, a waterproof-treated sun hat will allow the droplets to roll off the brim.  This ensures that the structure of the hat remains and doesn’t droop down when wet.
    Earflaps: Foldable ear flaps, often found on cap style sun hats, offer a little bit of extra protection to the sides of your head.

    8. Price
    The price point of sunhats varies depending on the material, style, design, and features.  Based on our research, we found that most sun hats will typically cost anywhere between $15 to $150.

    For more information, please contact aungcrown to custom sun hats.