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    About Men's Summer Shorts You Need to Know

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-03-30
    How to choose the right pair to match your build, and how to style them. Even though there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to putting on a pair of shorts, it's useful to keep a few things in mind. And once you master the art of wearing shorts, you can break the rules in style.

    1. SOCKS
    Can you wear socks with shorts? Admittedly, the shorts-socks combination can go horribly wrong. However there are exceptions where it works exceptionally well, like retro ankle length sports socks for a street style vibe, or heavy socks in outdoor boots for a rugged look. Most shoes that look good with shorts can be worn sock-less though, and if foot odour or sweat is an issue, ankle socks are your best friend.

    There's no need for shorts to fall below the knee. Whatever style shorts you prefer, you'll want to keep them above the knees to keep your legs cool and to make it easy to move around. Longer shorts pretty much defeat the purpose of wearing shorts altogether; they're less comfortable, won't keep you cool and you're at risk of looking like a schoolboy in hand-me-down Bermudas.

    There’s a fine line between well-tailored shorts and showing off a little more than you should. Unless you're engaged in an extreme sport or running for your life, skin tight styles are never a good look and they are almost guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable, and likely self-conscious too. Choose tailored over tight and avoid the moose knuckle.

    Slim fit shorts are one thing, but if you have to squeeze yourself into them, chances are you're going to squeeze something out, and usually it's the waist. Even with your top on, those love handles will be there for all to see and you can avoid it simply by picking shorts that fit. Elasticated waists are the main culprit for forcing that unfortunate muffin-top look, but it can also happen if you’re trying to fit into shorts that are simply too small.

    5. TOO SHORT
    Even though men's shorts are getting shorter, with most shorts now comfortably above the knee, there is such a thing as too short; the words "hot pants" shouldn't be used when describing you. Getting the length of your shorts right is about personal judgement but if your whole thighs are on show, even if they’re perfectly toned, you’re probably going a little too short. Anywhere between two and four inches above the knee is the perfect length for a tailored pair of shorts.

    Your body shape plays a key role in getting the perfect pair of shorts, and there are shorts to suit all shapes. Here we’ve broken down the four main body types in some detail, followed by recommendations for how to pick the ideal shorts for each shape.

    Broad shoulders and a taper downwards towards the leg (the trapezoid or inverted triangle body shape) is often considered the most sought after body shape. With an athletic build, you have free reign when it comes to picking shorts but always remember to keep your height in mind when choosing the length and style.

    When dressing according to body style, it is all about balance; with broad shoulders and biceps, you’ll want to avoid shoulder padding for risk of appearing top-heavy, and for the same reason don’t go too skinny on the pants. A slim fit tailored style can show off this body shape nicely; again, don’t go too slim when it comes to the shorts (avoid skinny) and try keeping them light-coloured to offset the upper body bulk. You’re also quite flexible when it comes to choosing patterns and prints, as appearing widened (horizontal stripes) or stretched (vertical stripes) is not much of an issue. Just steer clear of overly bold prints on the top half.

    For bigger guys, it might be tempting to go for a roomier, baggy pair of shorts, however rather than make you look thinner, they'll just make you look sloppy. Try a smaller pair instead, fitted but with enough room to move around in, and shorter while still covering your thighs.

    2. TALL & SLIM
    Tall and thin with a shoulder width that approximately matches your hips is referred to as the rectangle. This body shape is quite common and it can be hard not to fall into boring fashion choices, living in t-shirts and jeans. The goal here is to rebalance the shape by adding width to the shoulders while keeping the bottom narrow.

    Rectangular bodies suit slim fit jeans and shorts, as this will create an inverted triangle or trapezoid line (make your shoulders appear wider and your waist narrower) that will give more definition to your shape, and shorter shorts often go down well too. Bold prints and patterns can also make a straight-up-and-down body more interesting; you can opt for printed tops or printed shorts, or a subtle mix of both.

    3. SHORT & STOUT
    The oval shape is something that many men find themselves growing into, whether athletic in their youth or not, and some younger men are just naturally rounded. Your body has a roundness to it, with a large chest and tummy, but both your shoulders and legs are quite slim in comparison.

    Shorts for this body type should be more fitted and slimline, to show off those legs. Wearing baggy styles on slimmer legs will drown them out and give them the appearance of being much scrawnier than they are. Try to avoid contrasting colours between top and bottom as it will emphasise the oval shape, and instead choose darker colours for both. Go for shorter shorts, and wear them at your natural waistline, closer to your belly button; don't wear them too low as this will make your legs look shorter. Experiment with lighter fabrics that add less bulk, like linen.

    For the triangular-shaped body, where your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have a bigger waist, it’s a good idea to avoid those slimmer fits. At the same time, resist the temptation to hide under a huge suit; tailored shorts still look stylish when bought in the right size and opting for flat-fronted designs allow your waist to be skimmed over.

    Go for straight leg shorts, as tapered legs will add more width to your waist. Crew neck tops teamed with tailored shorts look particularly stylish on the triangular shaped body and it is often a good idea to stick to more classic patterns and colourways, rather than going for anything too busy as this will simply draw attention to that particular area of your body. Try darker colours like charcoal, navy and black to help hide your size.