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    A hat with a turned into a weapon they show thire cool

    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-26

    Core Tip: actor love flat bill hat: the airport is the star of the most difficult place, where crowded, single line, and get the message of the many reporters and FANS tarried there.

    actor love flat bill hat:

    the airport is the star of the most difficult place, where crowded, single line, and get the message of the many reporters and FANS tarried there.

    Stars wearing hat is already commonplace, at the airport, we often see the stars who wearing a baseball cap sunglasses. But some stars can not just put the hat as a "tool covering her face," a hat with a turned into a weapon they show his cool.

    Since the influx of men who walked the route of Shawn, Shawn has been a trendsetter of the younger generation, he has been a favorite flat bill hat, love of hats and shoes have been stuffed full houses in little more. Most see his photos are not difficult to find a hat, whether positive or anti-wear with the wear, are sportsman

    It seems a good decade and Shawn are based Friends of Peny Yu Yan and friends have the same preferences, two brothers travel together all the anti-wearing flat bill hat. Love the flat bill hat along with their good buddies blacks, it seems like common people always get together

    Edison’s highest rate on the mirror is New Era hat, and now he runs his own bent Tide brand is doing a kind of mold, it is a master outfit and fashion, a time when he was racing a bunch of little boys imitated.

    。Pan Shuai also a love of people hat, MV, propaganda often wearing flat bill hat. Hip-hop has been taking the route of Pan handsome little prince is called hip-hop. He is the founder of the NPC, together with Li Chen Tide brand stores, with their Tide brand, and he personally designed a lot of a single product

     Cool actress wear hats as well

    Kristen and Stewart often wear tight pants sneakers out of the street, how can this dress less flat bill hat? Actress shows her cool to be no less than the male stars

    Rihanna can say hip-hop has always been surrounded by wind movement, Versace jeans with a hole in the short T add a touch of street flavor, leather baseball cap adds style fashion sense, and sunglasses with a smiling face to create a beautiful, draped over shoulders green leather used poser, black shoes look very comfortable and neutral handsome gift.

    Li Xiao Lu also often wears a hat in the micro-Bo, self-timer, sneakers, jeans and flat bill hat is become a good partner. In recent years, Lu Lu is the brightest Tide brand conference regulars, it seems Xiaolu is elegant, fresh, free to change the tide ride.

    Angelababy face go from this beauty trend line did not effortless, wearing a baseball cap wearing anti tidal range. Are also wearing a baseball cap with an elegant sportswear Lady Dior, she seems fearless mash

    In contrast, Ni Ni’s Adi more casual baseball cap, baseball cap can shade, wind, hair, warm, but now it is not limited to this function, decoration, cover, to save makeup is the main purpose. Avoid the paparazzi, pretending passerby, not complicated to make-up, this is the biggest baseball cap purposes.

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