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    A Fashion Style Guide: How to Wear a Polo Shirt

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-06-28
    The polo shirt has not only become a staple requirement in most men’s wardrobes but, over time, has also earned its place as a fashion classic. You’d be hard pressed to find a man who doesn’t own at least three or four of these comfortable and versatile pieces. Smart and sporty, this style icon is infinitely versatile, which is why it can be your ultimate ally.

    When it comes to style staples, you can’t go wrong with a polo shirt. Sure, the classic polo isn’t something that most people tend to get excited about, but it is one of those garments that just about everyone owns simply because it’s so versatile. Polos often serve as quiet background players that are always there when needed but rarely receive the praise and enthusiasm they truly deserve.

    If you have been avoiding polo shirts because of the less-than-stellar reputation they’ve had in recent years, you aren’t alone. It’s time for this classic garment to make a comeback. Keep scrolling to check out our fresh style guide on how to wear a polo shirt and look great!

    the History of the Polo Shirt
    Before we start diving into all the ways in which you can look and feel amazing while wearing a polo, we think it’s important to touch on the history of the polo shirt. While some clothing styles are relatively new, polos have been around for decades. In the early 1900s, most people wore long-sleeved button down shirts while participating in sports like tennis, rowing and, of course, polo. Tennis champion Rene Lacoste set out to design a more functional and stylish shirt, which he debuted at the 1926 U.S. Open. His shirt featured short, fitted sleeves, a flat collar and a long tail to prevent it from coming untucked and closely resembled the polo shirts of today.

    In the 1990s, the polo lost some of its “cool” status as it became a common uniform for workers in a wide range of industries. It also became part of the standard outfit for casual Fridays, school uniforms and other less-than-exciting situations.

    While the polo shirt has lost some of its “cool factor” in recent years, it still remains a wardrobe staple. Most men (and many women) have a few tucked away in their closets for those times when they are in need of a simple business casual outfit or something that’s just a bit dressier than a plain t-shirt. Wearing a polo shirt doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there are plenty of ways to style them to make them look great.

    The 21st Century polo shirt
    But enough of the past. Let’s fast forward to the 21st century and the man of today. With so many polo shirts and brands to choose from, how can you possibly decide which one to choose and how to wear it well? At aungcrown, we’re here to give you all the advice and guidance you could possibly require on all matters polo.

    The fabulous thing about the polo shirt is that it suits ALL body types – enhancing the parts that you like to showcase yet subtly disguising the parts that you may be less keen on. A polo shirt always fits well (unless it’s way too big) and lends itself well to layering up with other items, such as a sweater or blazer. Plus, there’s a real range of choice to suit all budgets. From designer to high street, there’s a polo shirt out there for everyone, if you know where to look.

    Do’s and don’ts of polo shirt fashion
    Do wear a fitted polo shirt but don’t make it too tight. If you find there’s a lot of slack material on your body then by all means go for a smaller size. Good quality polo shirts are made from lighter materials like cotton, so they should drape nicely over your body without showing too many lumps and bumps!

    Don’t wear anything underneath. Polo shirts look best next to the skin. Plus, in warmer climates you’ll stay much cooler this way. Vests and undershirts are a complete ‘no-no’. Wearing anything underneath almost certainly guarantees that excess material will slip out from under your sleeve or crumple at the collar.

    Do tailor your choice to your height. Generally speaking the tail of a polo shirt shouldn’t hang down any further than midway past your behind. The tennis tail look of the past is definitely not the way to go in everyday life – you can trust aungcrown on that!

    Don’t turn up the polo shirt collar. Ever. Popping your collar only works if you’re a teenager, so if you are concerned about sunburn and want to protect your neck, slap on some extra sun cream but don’t use your polo shirt as a sun shade.

    Polo Shirts
    We’ve already mentioned the logo issue and tucking in, which are both pieces of advice that we would urge you to follow. Other than that, just enjoy yourself and start to pick out polo shirts that you not only like the look of but will also suit your body. At aungcrown, we’re all set to help you select stylish polo shirts that don't go out of fashion.

    While polos were once simple shirts that were only available in white, they are now available in a vast assortment of colors, styles and fits. Whether you are looking for something with a classic feel or you’d rather find something that puts a modern twist on an old classic, there are polo shirts that are right for everyone. Knowing how to wear a polo shirt means that you will be able to look great for virtually any occasion.

    At The aungcrown, we proudly carry a wide range of men’s polo shirts as well as high-quality polo shirts for ladies. Our products are of the highest quality and we sell them at prices that are affordable on nearly any budget. Whether you are shopping for a few polos for your own wardrobe or you would like to buy several, we offer competitive wholesale pricing on products from trusted manufacturers. Place your order for polo shirts today and you’ll soon see just how many ways there are to wear one!