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    6 warm wool hat shaped little face that everyone loves

    • Author:qincai
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-12

    Acrylic beanie hat with Black and white and gray mix color, revealed a low-key atmosphere. Simple outline will highlight your delicate facial features, with the same dark gray color of YY, rich layering and full sense of style.

    Camel wool beanie hat is fresh and brisk, big pom pom embellishment adds a touch of cute. Thick wool keep is warm and soft, gorgeous degree immediately improved because of solid weave pattern , with fresh sweater, give you a warm winter.

    Beanie hat also can interpret handsome and easy feeling well , this style hat has a little bit shadow of beret .Some more rounded at the top of hat, have a slightly expand feeling when wear it, but brim decorated with clever contraction effect immediately, show girls' face very small.

    Handsome aviator’s beanie hat is fall season's hot selling styles, hat with ear flat design increase the thickness and will warm for girls, with a white lamb's wool enhance likeability, more playful and lively, let you easily become a fashion man.

                  Green elegant beanie hat build a good Han Fan style.It also give people a easy and nifty feeling when wear it randomly on the head.Besides,matching it with a long spell color sweater can enhance the feeling of Vintage Style and Mori Girl. 

    Common ski beanie hat can show girls temperament best ,Both neutral and elegant character together,also bring some unruly personality feeling .Neat shape let  you turns into a high-profile cool girl instantly