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    6 Most Popular Men’s Baseball Cap Styles

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-01-11
    When it comes to wearing a hat, you’ll never be short of stylish options. Usually, it’s best to find something that is aligned with your personality. In other cases, you may just want something to maintain shade over your forehead. Regardless of what you decide to go with, you’ll most likely have a baseball cap in your collection.

    Baseball hats have become a styling staple the world over. They are worn across all ages and in all styles people can creatively come up with. These fashion bad boys were born out of baseball fields when players would wear them to show loyalty to their teams.

    Come the 90s and baseball caps would become a fashion hit. Since then, the baseball cap family has been growing and taking a firm grip in the fashion scene. You probably have one or two baseball caps in your closet thanks to their popularity. But this popularity does not mean we all know how to wear the baseball hat like it deserves. Look around and you will see someone committing a fashion crime by wearing these hats the wrong way.

    We could not stand by and let people abuse this fashion icon. That is how this article was born. We are going to share 4 main styles to sport your baseball cap and leave the crowds admiring your sense of fashion. If your loyalty to these caps is anywhere near ours, keep reading and we promise you will not be disappointed.

    For guys, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your standard baseball cap. Nor does it have to be worn in its standard position. If you want to put a spin on how you wear a baseball cap, you’re in luck.

    The following are six popular baseball cap styles for uniquely wearing this classic piece of headwear:

    Style 1: Snapback Cap
    One of the most popular baseball cap styles is the snapback. The snapback is one modified style that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Guys prefer to wear the hat in its standard, frontward-facing position. However, it is adjustable to suit your needs.

    The snap closure on the back of the hat can also be worn by turning the hat around. Just be sure to adjust the closure to match the size of your head. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable while wearing this type of baseball cap!

    Snapback caps are available in different colours and designs. The best way to wear one is to get a custom snapback hat designed, so that it matches your chosen outfit for the day.

    Style 2: Fitted Baseball Cap
    While fitted baseball caps are very similar in design to their snapback cousins, there is a major difference. The fitted cap has no snap closure on the back of the hat. Therefore, most men will try on a few caps beforehand, in order to find the perfect fit. Thankfully, fitted baseball caps come in multiple sizes for the male consumer base.

    One of the best things about this baseball cap style is that it has an aesthetically-pleasing design. It is a timeless addition to any guy’s wardrobe, and complements most summer wardrobes.

    Style 3: Five-Panel Baseball Cap
    If you took the superficial look of a fitted baseball cap, and modified it to a more hipster-esque look, this is the result. The five-panel baseball cap has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, due to its flexibility with male fashion. This variation of the baseball cap usually comes with some text or pattern added.

    The additions aren’t necessarily large, so it doesn’t work against the style of the cap itself. However, when worn correctly, it can accentuate your overall look for the summer season. For those who want to make bolder fashion statements, experiment with different five-panel caps. You’ll be surprised at the actual styles you develop.

    Style 4: Trucker Hat
    The trucker hat can be worn either really well or seem out of place. Thankfully, you don’t have to actually live life on the road as a trucker to wear it. If style isn’t really your thing, trucker hats offer a simple take on the popular baseball cap. They are not created to accentuate style, nor do they offer any bold fashion statements.

    What they do provide, however, is a breathable fit, which comes in handy during hot days. Sometimes, you just want to sit under a tree in the shade and relax. Wearing a trucker hat ensures that you will be protected from the elements, while providing you with an extra layer of shade.

    Style 5: Sports Baseball Cap
    Although the name may imply something to do with sports, this baseball cap is worn virtually everywhere. Most men who wear a sports cap will do so while playing a game of golf, for example. Or, you’ll see players wearing one on the tennis court. Irrespective of the sport, this type of baseball cap is a very well-liked option.

    For starters, the material used to create the cap is usually of a high quality. This allows your head to breathe, especially in warm or hot environments. Some guys even choose to wear the sports cap for an afternoon out with friends, for example. They are casual, yet equally fashionable if worn correctly.

    Style 6: Dad Cap
    For all intents and purposes, the baseball cap is easily one of the simplest hats to wear. If, however, you want to strip away most of its features, you end up with the dad cap. The dad cap is another variation of the baseball cap, and is more basic than its counterpart. However, sometimes that’s all you need, when you want to finalize a minimalist outfit!

    The baseball cap is widely accepted as the go-to male hat, for a number of reasons. The most important reason? There are a myriad of variations, each of which caters to the individual. Don’t be surprised to see several of them, when going out for your afternoon walk. They are simultaneously comfortable, as they are stylish!