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    6 Different Summer Hats For Everyone in 2021 Summer

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-05-07
    The hat, an indispensable piece to be fashionable. It has been part of our outfit for thousands of years. Although it emerged as a necessary element to work, nowadays it is already a sign of class and elegance, even during the summer.

    Nowadays, hats have become strong in our society. You can see how they culminate any of our “looks”, regardless the weather and the place where we are since you can use it both on the beach and in the city.

    During the summer, we do not stop doing things: walking outdoors under a strong sun, beach weekends and other outdoor activities fill our leisure time. All these activities involve wearing appropriate clothes to be comfortable, hydrate well, protect the skin against the sun, use sunglasses and of course bring something to cover the head such as a hat. You wouldn’t be the same in summer without a hat. This summer almost just started but it seems that it will come with higher temperatures than ever. In Spain we are used to high temperatures and to walk under the sun. Even so, the hat will help us to make it more easy.

    Any dress with a hat looks much more glamorous. So, do not be afraid to wear summer hats with dresses, pants, jeans or even with your swimsuit or bikini. You will find summer hats of a thousand types in every single store and at all prices. You will not have troubles in choosing the one that you like.

    There’s no summer without a hat
    There are essential accessories for summer such as sun glasses or bikinis, but also hats are basic during this season. They are essential to protect head and face from the sun. In addition, it protects you from face and shoulders sunburns and it also relaxes the pupils and eyesight by not allowing direct sunlight to the eyes.

    We can find many kinds of summer hats but, the most common, and perhaps the most suitable for this season is the straw hat. We can find straw hats of various styles in many shops: panama, pamela, sailor, floppy or canotier are just some examples of them.

    What is the best summer hat?
    We already know that the summer hat is an element that can not be missed in our seasonal look. Besides protecting us from the sun, it gives us a more elegant and glamorous style. You all may wonder: which hat I should use? You already have several of them in the closet but they may not be suitable for the summer heat, so it’s up to you to buy another one.

    Now that you’re aware of what qualities you should look for in getting your share of summer hats, let’s get you started on finding the right one. Here are all the best summer hats for everyone that fit all styles of outfits:

    One of the best things about a Panama is that it is compatible with many head shapes. It can also be worn all year-round. Known for being the OG summer hat, the Ecuador-made hat has been around since the olden days. Its design is to give its users the right shade and cool without looking tacky.

    The Boater hat has become a popularized summer hat well-known for being used by smaller-headed boaters who spend their days on the river. Despite looking casual enough to wear on sunny day walks, it also has its own touch of elegance.


    You’ve probably seen one or two of these hats in parks or festivals. Usually worn by dads who go fishing, it actually is an effective summer hat. It also fits many head shapes. Recently, it was popularized in boutique fashion because of the potential it holds once designed with amazing prints.

    This type of cap was usually worn in the days wherein newspapers were still delivered via newsboys on bikes. The modern take on the summer flat cap elevated its status. It now looks good with any outfit. Plus, you can wear it on any occasion. Remember, this cap best fits squarer heads!

    And, of course, the fan-favorite: baseball caps. This has been worn in different kinds of events. You can never go wrong with the classic baseball cap on any summer day. Best suited for rounder heads, this classic style can be worn in any casual event.

    Trilby straw hat
    Often called Fedora, the Trilby is the smallest, often undervalued, relative of the fedora. Although the structure and construction of the hats are similar, the Trilby has a shorter wing, so it pushes it into a category of its own.

    On the one hand, the Trilby has the distinctive privilege of being worn on the back of the head. This version of the felt hat is excellent for bonfires or swaying in the ocean breeze with your feet curled up in a hammock.

    So, when you’re wondering which summer hat would best suit you, just go back to this guide! Remember the qualities you need to look for and the right hat for your head shape. Enjoy your summer and stay cool!