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    5 reasons for everyone needs a hat

    • Author:Aung Crown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-07-29
    Everyone, have you encounter these kinds of situations.
    Outside all day, when you go home and find your hair is so dusty.
    You want to have the sweet date with your dear or friends, but you no time without makeup and washing hair.
    You want to have a travel but the temperature climbs over 40 degrees, is so so so hot.
    You want to have the outdoor activities, but the sun produces ultraviolet rays that are dangerous for your skin.
    Sometimes when you run into someone that you want't meet, you’re not avoid.
    And so on ...
    Now you have a chance to solve all the above problems. You only need a hat and solve so many problems. Hats are nothing short of magic. It can look good on anyone. If you’ve ever wanted to wear one hat but weren’t sure when or why you should, use aungcrown to help you make your decision. Let's know 5 reasons why you need a hat.

    1. Hat can help prevent sunburn
    As everyone knows, the sun produces ultraviolet rays that are dangerous for our skin. Sunshine can feel great but increases our risk when it beats down on your head year after year. Sunburn has some awful short-term effects. Your skin turns red and starts to hurt.
    So you need the hat, maybe the baseball caps, bucket hat or sun visor cap, for any styles, you can custom it in aungcrown.
    sun visor caps
    2. Protect your head and hair
    When the sun sets on your head, While the warmth might be enjoyable, but this constant heat can lead to headaches, damaged hair, and excessive sweating. If you plan to go to the beach, or spend several hours traveling in the sunshine, wearing a cap is a great idea. The hat will avoid the sun from shining on your head and hair.
    And a cap can keep your scalp from getting the full force of rain, cold, wind, and snow. That protects your hair because harsh weather can cause breakage, but it also protects your scalp from skin damage that can occur when exposed to the weather.
    So you need the hat such as wide brim bucket hat or snapback ...

    3. Make your fashion 
    Hats are fashionable right now. If you need a casual accessory that can enhance your outfit, a hat can complete your look. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes because looking good enhances their confidence and improves their performance. Or, If you want to get a favor on the sweet date, you need the hat to make your fashionable.
    So you need the hat such as baseball cap, 5 panels cap or bucket hat..

    4. Caps Help With Body Temperature Regulation
    To be comfortable, your body temperature needs to stay in the normal range regardless of what the outside temperature is like. Caps are helpful in hot sunny weather by blocking some of the sun’s rays. This helps keep a person cooler. Caps also help in colder climates.
    There is an old saying that goes like this, “70% of the body’s heat escapes through the head.” This is a bit exaggerated; however, the underlying principle is true. Most people will feel more comfortable wearing a cap in the winter time when outside, than not wearing one. The cap keeps the body’s heat from escaping through the top of the head. No matter whether it is really hot or cold outside, wearing a cap will help regulate normal body temperature to make a person feel more comfortable.

    5.Help you disguise
    There are times when you run into someone that you’re trying to avoid. With a cap and a pair of sunglasses, you will be almost unrecognizable. Since caps cover the hair and part of the forehead, you’ll be able to blend in with the crowd and escape undetected. Moreover, wearing a cap will give you a different look, please feel free to try one out.
    you can select the snapback hat, baseball cap, bucket hats...
    snapback caps
    Today It is also exciting to learn that there are many benefits of wearing the hat. The benefits include reducing the harmful effects of Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun that can skin cancer, improving body temperature, and preventing sunburn. Protection offered for the hair, scalp, and eyes. When spending time at the beach, a cap helps keep sand and dirt out of the part of the hair that is covered.

    Now i think you learn more benefits of wearing the hat. You want to choice the suitable hat for yourself or your family&friends. If you have any questions about hat such us the cotton, styles. You can contact aungcrown(Professional hat customization) .Your all questions can be solved.