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    5 Popular Hats Styles For Women And Men

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-09-25
    While many consider hats to be the accessory of the more adventurous folks out there, the truth is that just about anyone can rock a hat and get away with it in fabulous style. That applies to both men and women, many of whom may own a hat or two yet avoid wearing it for the simple fear that they won't really look "right" in it. Worry no more - there are so many effortless ways to integrate a hat into your look, and there are five seriously hot styles right here to start.

    1. Try a Flat Cap
    This is an incredibly trendy piece of headwear, and goes pretty much with any outfit, and can even be worn to a BBQ with your mates.
    Being an incredibly versatile style of hat this can be worn with pretty much anything, bar a double breasted pinstripe suite of course. Denims, corduroys and v-neck (or button up short sleeve) t-shirts go well here. Add an outlandish belt buckle to really kick things up a notch.
    You’re a confident, smooth talking, man’s man when you’re wearing one of these – so act it!

    2. Try a Baseball Cap
    There's something almost disarmingly cute about wearing a baseball cap with an outfit that's a little bit unexpected. It brings down to earth a look that's more reserved. This means that women who want to look a little more laid-back and low-key when wearing something that is otherwise more pulled together can easily accomplish that by throwing on a baseball hat.
    This surprisingly fashionable hat is also the go-to choice for most men on casual weekends and errand runs. It looks like it's part of a uniform when it's paired with a relaxed T-shirt and a pair of baggy shorts. Otherwise, guys can also pull it off with jeans and short-sleeve button-down shirts. Ladies who feel inspired might want to take their cue from off-duty supermodels, who often pair their baseball hats with sleek leggings and heels for a polished-meets-sporty look.

    3.Try a Driving Cap
    You don't have to be a professional golfer or, well, a driver to wear a driving cap commonly known as a flat cap. Men and women alike can wear this curiously chic hat and make any outfit look a million times better. Keep a few simple styling rules in mind: It shouldn't be too large, lest it look more like a floppy chef's hat, nor too small, or it will just be uncomfortable. Save this accessory for spring when it looks pretty much amazing with your look of choice. Guys can easily rock it with a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, while women will look sharp when they wear it with leggings, flats, and a boyfriend cardigan. Just remember that it's not really a dressy item, so reserve this piece of headwear for your more casual outings.

    4. Try a Beanie
    Hats are traditionally associated with cold weather, and they are, of course, perfect for keeping your hair in check when it's blustery outside. Some women may be concerned that it will mess with their hair, but a beanie is a super cute, easy-wear accessory that both controls flyaway strands in inclement weather and adds some sassy style to fall and winter wardrobes. Since they're available in so many colors and comfortable materials, they're perfect for wearing with everything from chunky sweaters to baggy coats.The hat serves the dual purpose of warming the head and elevating cold-weather style. Don't be afraid to wear this hat with a leather jacket or a hoodie. It's that versatile.

    5.Try a Fedora
    Although the fedora may be one of those pieces that receives mixed reviews, the truth is that this fashionable hat is one of the most versatile accessories available to both men and women. It's been revered throughout fashion history for its versatility and almost mysterious charm, and it has the odd yet fabulous ability to make some outfits look a little sexier. If that's important to you, or if you want to be a little more adventurous with your everyday look, go for bold with a fedora. Women can wear it on warmer days - think outdoor music festivals or casual coffee dates - with a tank, a bundle of statement necklaces, and a pair of skinny jeans. Men can easily work a fedora into an ensemble that includes a cardigan, a T-shirt, and their favorite jeans. It's all about how you pull it off - you will probably want to avoid the trench coat scenario to prevent appearing like a cliché.

    Fashionable hats run the gamut from coolly casual to perfectly posh. You can easily introduce any of these styles to your everyday wardrobe. With a little experimentation, you can find the look that works best for you. Now contact aungcrown to custom your own caps.