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    3 Easy Steps To Choosing The Perfect Summer Hat

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-05-12
    It is no secret that hats are a big statement in Summer fashion, but how do you know which hat is the right style for you? How do you fit thick or curly hair into a hat? What if you have a smaller head that standard hats do not fit? Where on earth do I find cute hats? These are all very relevant questions, Brand Price, image consultant and self-titled “hat lady” wants to share her insight on. She has a few good rules of thumb to start you on your journey to summer hat bliss!

    Hat Styles
    There are 2 basic hat styles. The floppy hat, and the stiff brimmed hat. Choosing the right style of hat for your face might seem overwhelming, but can really be a fun experience. All you need is a little basic knowledge of your own facial features. To determine if a floppy or stiff brimmed hat will suit you better, we will look at the overall structure of your facial features. Think about your chin, your cheekbones, your jawline, your eye shape and your nose.

    If you feel you have soft, more rounded features, try a stiff brimmed hat.

    If you feel you have more angular, structured features, try a floppy hat.

    Hat Color
    2 ways to choose a hat color:
    When you are just getting started wearing hats, it is perfectly fine to choose a color that will complement the wardrobe that you will be wearing with the hat.   If you tend to wear mostly black, try a charcoal gray hat.  If you wear mostly neutrals, try an oatmeal or natural straw shade.

    Base your color choice off of your eyes.  I work with clients that are usually on camera in some capacity, so it is important for the eyes to pop. Think of complementary colors. Below are gorgeous examples of hat and eye color combinations. The intensity of color saturation will make more of a statement.

    Hazel eyes – rust or blush
    Blue eyes – rust or deep charcoal
    Green eyes – burgundy or black
    Brown eyes – slate blue or light tan
    Amber eyes – deep plum or navy
    Violet eyes – mustard yellow or olive green

    Hat Sizing
    Typical hat sizing starts at 53cm and ends at 59cm with 2cm increments, though many companies are now making more of a variety.  If you have thick or curly hair, or even those of us who wear extensions, try sizing up one hat size to allow for a little more room.

    Most hats will have a small ribbon on the inside to help you get a better fit.

    If you still find that standard hat sizes are too large, or your hat does not have an internal sizing ribbon-try a little hat tape to help create a more custom fit.

    When talking brim size there are a few key points determined by your hairstyle.

    You want to make sure that your hair is not styled in a way that goes beyond the edge of brim.  If you have fuller or curlier hair you can either pin the sides up and back a little, or choose a hat with a larger brim.

    If you have a shorter hair style like a bob, try a smaller brimmed hat or a curl up brim style like a Gambler. So chic!

    Now let’s talk tips for finding the right hat for you.
    1~ Look for hats that match your features. If you have a smaller face with more delicate features, you’re going to want a hat that’s not huge and going to over power your face.
    2~ Hats are kind of like humans. Opposites attract. If you have a round face, you’re not going to want a hat with a rounded top. You’ll want something with a more structured/angular feel.
    3~ If your face is long look for a hat with a broader brim or a floppy hat will help offset the length.
    4~ If your face is square or you have a really strong jaw line, go for a floppy hat or something with softer lines.
    5~ Heart shaped faces are the luckiest. They look good in most all hats.

    So what are your thoughts on hats? Do you wear them? Maybe you have a collection. I can see how that could happen once you get one or two…kinda like shoes.

    If you’re new or even if you’ve been around a while and haven’t already, I hope you’ll subscribe to receive posts from aungcrown or custom your own caps. Hats suit everyone, it is just a matter a choosing the right hat that suits you. Caps are very popular at the moment, especially 8 piece caps. They seem to be appealing to a younger, more fashion conscious buyer. They are very versatile as they can be worn in town with an overcoat or more casually for everyday. We have a great choice of tweeds and cloths to choose from for both urban and country wear.