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    The key to how to wear a knitted hat is that you have to know your face

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on :2017-07-26
    The face is round and well and long, but the pretty hat (3d embroidery hats custom ) is not suitable for a round face, but there is still a way to remedy it. 

    The handsome pot with a round face is more suitable for wearing knitted knitted hats with thicker knitted fabric, so as to remedy the deficiency of the face with the hardness of the cap (custom snapback manufacturer) itself. When you can wear slightly and 2/3 ear cover temple, and then pulled the crown and create a visual extension of the feeling, your face will also have a relatively narrow effect! 

    The face is shorter than the face, so don't pull it up when wearing a hat (jacquard knitted hats china). This will only make your face look longer, pull back the sense of vision, pull the end of the hat down and show it slightly behind the back of your head. 

    In addition there is a lower end cap, cover cover on law, ear type is more suitable for the handsome long face, handsome men in Europe, a long face short cover ear method is one of the way to wear their favorite, feel this way exclusive handsome!