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    Lazy people want to be beautiful? You need this hat!

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-09-15 18:07:25
    More than the fisherman hat (high quality hat supplier china) peaked cap taste, and with fewer people. Its English name is "Bucket hat", literally translated as "bucket cap"". Because the sun protection effect is good, fishing uncles have one hand, so it has the name.

    In Ireland, which first appeared 1900 years ago, the fisherman's caps were made of wool, natural and waterproof, and the workers liked to wear them. By the 80 and 90s, fisherman's hats were gaining popularity among the crowd, thanks to the Rapper. For example, LL CoolJ, when he was very popular, and suddenly affected many people. Recently, fisherman hat again "rejuvenation", stars became a fisherman hat (custom bucket hats no minimum) walking grass machine ". 

    With different fisherman hat (custom bucket hats cheap) with a peaked cap, wearing a literary temperament, can let funky Cengceng rub up. But also on all sides of the sun, sunscreen effect is really good. As for "I'm lazy," you know. In addition to these three points, the fisherman's hat can be folded at any time, placed in a bag, or even carried in a pocket, which is very convenient to carry.