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    A baseball cap at hand, The tide is easy

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-07-12 11:23:14
    Summer heat, how to do sunscreen at the same time cool and tide it? A baseball cap is definitely a good choice! You see, no matter whether it's out of the street or the airport show, the Chinese and foreign stars and fashion people are walking on the world with a baseball cap. 

    As a single product of everyone's love, baseball caps are both age and fashion, and whatever you wear today, it's absolutely cool!

    Shawn Yue has always been a trend in the younger generation. He has always loved straight hats, and love hats and sneakers have filled the whole house. Look at his photos is not difficult to find that most are wearing a hat, wearing either positive or anti wear, is a metrosexual man! 

    Of course, a full blown baseball cap is not just a boy's patent, but the girls wear it pretty well 

    Kristen, Stewart often wear tight pants, sports shoes out of the street, how can this dress less straight along the hat? Actress playing cool, but no less than male stars.

    You can also do wearing a baseball cap, tasty!