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    How can a baseball cap be washed and won't change?

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-09-06 19:10:09
    A baseball cap is many people will have a single product, it is all-match and fashion. But many people don't know how to take care of their baseball caps (custom caps supplier  china). What if the baseball cap gets deformed?

    1, slight deformation of the baseball cap no trouble, with a hard paper in cap, 24 hours to get it;

    2, wash your hat again, then use a soft cloth to fill your hat, hang it up and dry;

    3, a serious deformation of the hat proposed to use the risk of holding, and then maintain for several days, and so its shape restored to wear;

    4, really not, in the seven layers of dry hats, iron with a little ironing is also possible, but be careful not to wrinkle, otherwise, this hat will be ruined in your hands.

    How can a baseball cap (promotion baseball cap china) be washed and won't change?

    1, because the shape of the baseball cap (promotion baseball cap china) is fixed, machine wash will lead to deformation of the hat, so we must not be lazy and throw the baseball cap into the washing machine;

    2, when you are cleaning baseball caps, do not use too high temperature water, because the high temperature will make baseball cap deformation;

    3, hand wash baseball cap, not excessive rubbing, best to take the soft brush to brush, which can prevent the deformation of the baseball cap.