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    What shape of face do you have? Do you know how to choose your own hat?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-09-06
    [oval face, want to wear what to wear what]
    Suitable for any hat
    Not suitable: no
    Oval face, oval face and now fire heart-shaped face can be placed in this category, in hat selection almost no trouble.
    Oval face contour can be perfect, the overall radian smooth, hairline slightly wider, zygomatic to Chin line gradually narrowed. The face is not only limited by any hair style, but is not limited by any hat shape. It can handle all kinds of hats. It is a real "hat face"". 


    Square face with weakened contours first
    Suitable for: Fedora, knitted caps, bowler hat, bell cap
    Not suitable for: Navy cap, straw boater, cowboy hat, peaked cap
    The square face girl who may face the biggest problem is the "angular", that is selecting a hat, the first task is to weaken the face edges "".
    Choose the dome, circular brim hat to soften the face, can weaken the square face contour corners feeling. For wearing a soft hat Fedora typical (Fedora) is suitable for most people, but especially for square face star. The dome, round brimmed hat is also suitable for angular long face or square face wear, round hat brim can make your face a softer line.
    Long face cuts, length is perfect
    Suitable: peaked cap, fisherman hat, beret, a wide brimmed hat
    Not suitable for: high hat, knitted caps 

    The long face is much longer than the width of the face, and the whole face is long. Wearing a pair of hats adjusts the facial proportions. So hat cap is not too high, but also to cover the forehead of the hat, the most suitable for you. A wide brimmed hat can also protect the forehead and improve the face ratio, so that the face does not look so long. Flat topped hats are also suitable for long face stars. Even wore his hair up, no pressure, you can pretend to be standard oval or playful heart-shaped face.