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    Fisherman's hats are the trend of the summer

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-08-17 18:05:31
    Fisherman hat, in English called Bucket Hat (custom bucket hats no minimum), it is the most primitive characteristics of bucket hat, fisherman hat is only a small edge, the edge of sun circle; made of wool (now is polyester material with an opening ring on both sides).

    Unlike the baseball cap, the fisherman's cap has a long, prominent edge, with only a slightly trapezoidal edge of the sun. It has been many Master collocation preferences one of single product, either plain or general collocation, Outdoor is a wear feeling, wear color, cap size for the fisherman hat (custom bucket hats cheap), can add level, also can strengthen the style to create. 

    Fisherman hat is one of the most special in fashion items, it is different from the baseball cap and cap for the fisherman peaked cap, the face is one of the most. Whether you are a round or oval face, a fisherman hat has a star like feeling. Perhaps a lot of people will think fisherman's cap is only suitable for fishing or old people to wear, quickly put away this prejudice, fisherman hat (100 polyester hats in china) is now very popular.