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    How should a round face match a hat?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-09-19
    In the early spring season, although the temperature has increased, but still can not do without sweaters, many MM feel that wearing a sweater seems to be less what, in fact, as long as plus a hat, all problems are cited edge and solution. But what about a hat with a round face for MM?

    White turtleneck sweater + plaid skirt + A wave edge in a wide brimmed hat
    Fluffy white turtleneck, bring out the MM fresh and pure temperament. The shoulders of the perspective lace design, gentle and sexy, with black and white gray plaid, A short skirts and black tights, sweet and lovely. Stepped on a pair of black, thick heel and ankle boots, showing big long legs. A woolen hat with a wavy border; a very feminine figure.

    A red loose sweater + printed bag skirt + Black brimmed hat
    The combination of rose and black is very fashionable. The most important thing is that it is fair and fair. Long, short, long red long sweater with black printed bag, hip skirt and tight pants. It's very sweet and pleasant. Shoes and bags are complementary to dress color. A black wide brimmed hat makes the shape more lively.

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