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    The content of Textile fiber will have a new identity standard from May 1st

    • Author:alice
    • Release on:2014-02-12

      Social business news journalist reported, City Quality and Technical Supervision Association was   informed that one great significance standard released in the field of textile .The national standard GB/T29862-2013 " the logo of textile fiber content " was released a few days ago , and will be implemented from May 1st. According to related regulations, the Current standards “FZ/T01053-2007” will be abolished.

      It is understood that the new national standards explains the textile fiber content , labeling requirements, labeling principles , representation , acceptable tolerance and identify of label requirements. All sales of textile domestic, label of fiber content must according to the requirements of the new standard.

      "The Standard of textile fiber content in the field of textiles is an important standard that many textile enterprises have started to pay attention to the requirements of the new standard fiber content expresses". According to experts, the test results from all the national textiles, 70% of defective rate is textile logo project and fiber content of textile as a result of identifying irregularities. Therefore, the implementation of this standard will have a greater impact on the country's textile and garment industry.