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    Knit Hat Maintenance Tips

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-07-07 10:33:28
    Knitted cap is mainly made of wool, knitted knitted hat has certain flexibility, and one of the problems encountered in long wearing knitted cap (black beanie hat on sale ) is deformation, which affects the effect of wear. Second, the air in the gray layer of long-term adherence to the knitted hat will appear corrosion, leading to color and dark problems, how to maintain it is particularly important.

    1, never wear a knitted hat in the rain, moisture will damage the material, damage to cap type, and do not let the hat contact with oily substances.

    2. Prepare a hard box for holding knitted hats (6 panel snapback cap on sale ). Put a desiccant in the box. Fix the cap type with some filling before knitting the cap. Make sure the cap is dry and clean.

    3, the needle hat off, not misplacing should hang in a cloakroom frame, or hook above, not weight, in order to avoid aliasing distortion.

    4, the hat hat for a long time, inside and outside will be stained with grease, dirt, should be promptly wash off.

    Also, wool hat (best price knitted winter hat ) is not suitable for washing, easy to encounter water deformation, hat if stained with dust, or pet hair cut, etc., you can use a wide surface adhesive tape, anti fold set on your finger stick affixed, you can remove the surface dust. Each cleaning without wool hat, but easy to shorten the life span, if can not reach to the cleaning degree of dry cleaning is the most appropriate way.