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    What hat does summer wear, good-looking concave modelling?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-08-29
    In summer, the sun shines only sunscreen how enough? And, of course, a hat to protect you from ultraviolet light, and stylish! 

    Hot summer, summer vacation is a good season. But UV can not gentle advocate, is covered in sunscreen at the same time, may wish to wear a hat to increase defence! A hat can not only block out ultraviolet light for you, but more importantly, it can make you feel like a concave shape. 

    Baseball cap(baseball caps made in china)
    Summer is the most colorful T-shirts, and then with a pair of jeans shorts, relaxed and casual. This time to wear a baseball cap or pose for you not only peaked cap, and can create the vitality of youth. 

    Straw hat
    In the summer the most photographed and the most cool is of course this kind of straw hat! Not only hollowed out, but also very holiday fan it. When traveling, wear such a hat, more pastoral retro. 

    Bucket hat(custom bucket hats no minimum)
    With the collapse of fisherman hat, the most exquisite little face, and is distinctive and recognizable, and very handsome, not only have the temperament oh. With T-shirts to wear, but also to create a very different style of leisure.