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    Wearing a right hat, you’ll be the queen on the party

    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-16

    Absolutely it’s not only hat can keep warm and make sure the hair won’t dance in the wind, but also hat has an important function which is a kind of fashion collocation. Wearing a right hat, you’ll be the queen on the party!

     Beanie hat

     There are much more beanie hat style you can choose from, however, the pompom beanie style is most popular with the pretty girls, it is the warmest hat style indeed!


    If you prefer the clothes in bright color, then the hat in easy matching color is the best choice; If you prefer the dark clothes, it would be better to choose hat in bright color!


    Royal blue is more popular than grey and black, as it looks lively, let the people couldn’t help saying hello to you!


    " align=left hspace=12>The bigger and longer beanie style suits both boys and girls, it shows personality. The girl who knows how to show her charm is a smart girl. : P



    Korea style beanie could protect your ears better. If you want be sweeter, the beanie with pompom braid would be a good choice.



    Fedora hat


    Fedora must be the most decorative hat. You’d better to spend a lot of thought on the collocation if you want be cool with the fedora.




    If you want to be a mature girl on Christmas party, then you can't miss the fedora. The super stars will wear it on the red carpet! Real silk with adornment can make hat does not seem to be very hard!



    All black hat looks cool, suit with more feminine shirt is better, just like the lace shirt, and shirt with bowknot shows womanliness dimly, looming just more attractive!



    Fur hat


    Of course fur hat is luxury, but also it looks too much distance, believe that the most of men will brings to you!


    A knitwear in high affinity bright color can reduce the distance of luxury fur. You can do the lovely and sweet collocation, but do not let yourself look like a high above lady!



    Baseball cap


    The one of must-have items for trendsetter is a all-match baseball cap. A baseball cap is not that eye-catching, but definitely will not let you become a passer-by!



    If you’re a casual girl, a baseball cap can let you more casual but not random! More simple dress up, more difficult to get wrong.




    The plush leopard baseball caps looks very superb. Also wear a superb leather clothing or a patent leather down coat, who said the princess dress up is must on the party?



    Painter hat


    The painter hat is always give a feeling of intellectuality, it suits for the graceful gentle girl.



    A tall waist braces skirt and old feeling short boots, the vintage style will be easy to let you be a focus! Of course you don’t have to be confined by painter hat, or wear a red painter hat to look like a lovely girl next door, there’s zero distance!



    Beret is a more classical style, but we won’t recommend this hat on the X’mas party, because it’s less fashionable slightly!


    If you like beret very much, so do more things on collocation, the leopard scarf or fur adorn article is good!