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    The collocation of cap and face skills

    www.wholesaler-hats.com 2015-02-02 15:27:44

    As we all know. Cap can protect sun-burn, decorate, keep warm and protect from hurt.  There are lots of choice, which it’s also important for choosing a right one. 

    Depends on people’s face shape, body building and skin colors, we would like to divide into several parts for your reference of cap matching when viewing.

    Skills for cap and face shape collaboration


    Method of measuring by rule

    Back of the head touched the highest point, 2 cm down this point, the forehead hair root around a circle, the extent of the ruler is not too tight is too loose The figures add 1 cm long.


    Hope my shares help you!


    1.Skills for cap and face shape collaboration

    Frame, suitable for all kinds of hat, but depth of the cap should be moderate, with 1/3 of the face as well。


    Square face, hat is higher in proportion to some modelling, face with 3/4 advisable, suitable for octagonal cap Cowboy hat hat hat, etc


    A round face, hat should be designed as a square Pointed or polygon is good, suitable for beret cap Corps of cap Horseman hat etc.


    A long face, hat is unfavorable and exorbitant, otherwise a lot longer, is better to show two thirds of the face, is suitable for the fisherman hat costume Drum line cap etc.


    2 a hat and skin color collocation technique


    Color of skin ruddy, with a lot of color coordination, but don't put too red hat; Yellow skin people wear dark brown and grey color, but no yellow or green hat; Dark-skinned people when choose bright-coloured color hat, should pay attention to the overall effect of the dress, according to the clothing to match the hat effect; White skin, hat suitable color is more, but because the skin is too white easy to give a person with soft feeling, so choose the color of the hat, should avoid to choose white or analogous colors


    3 hats and clothing collocation technique


    Wear with the dress the same color or close to the mass-tone attune of hat can give a person the sense with pure and fresh and elegant; Hats and clothing color contrast, make a person feel very lively and vigorous; Printed dress when had better wear a hat color deeper; The red or blue clothing appropriate to wear a blue or red hat; Windbreaker suit coat hat or commonly used wool hat matching; Dressed in clothes, wearing a baseball cap or empty hat makes you cool and bright.