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    Shawl & scarves twine method and Collocation skills with hats

    pearl www.wholesaler-hats.com 2014-12-26 09:42:13

    Shawl & scarves twine method and  Collocation skills  with hats

      Core tip: after made simple change for big shawl and scarf with fashionable tie way can make whole effect totally different , STUDY quickly! Clever both perfect figure posture coffee shop assistant winding cabinet and it's lovely with delicate profile 


      Vertical stripes scarf/Glen Prince (ROSE BUD) navy blue stitching coat/w clost (WEARS Inc.) camel shorts/SEVEN DAYS SUNDAY (SEVEN DAYS SUNDAY shishu shop)/Blue frame glasses/JEANASIS




      1) about the length in a ratio of 3:1 draped over the shoulder.


    (2) the longer side revolve around neck after 1 lap will be tied into a bow shape on both ends.


    (3) on the basis of the knot again, and rotate to back of skull.



    Just draped scarf over the shoulder a will add fashion feeling--simple embellishment way


      Get the feeling same as accessories

         The stars and stripes scarf/hat/Glen Prince (FREAK 'S STORE shegu) white collar shirt/OSMOSIS (OSMOSIS Laforet yuansu store) gray trousers/Gap (Gap yuansu store ) black knitted hat with mesh bowknot /HonEY MI HonEY the bottom of the thick black canvas shoes/VANS VANS (JAPAN)

      In order to make both sides of the pattern is different on the shoulders, need to put your scarf twist turn 1 turn again delay spread, loosely draped over the shoulder can match with hat