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    Men's hat with a picture of winter out handsome shape

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-11-06
    Ties, pocket towels, glasses OR hats, are men's concave shape fashion weapon. Today we bring men's hat (beanie knitted hat wholesales china) with, to see how these European and American men are borrowing a variety of hats concave handsome shape?

    Tweed beret with the picture
    White turtleneck shirt with a gray tweed collarless jacket jacket, bright and dark just right, head wearing a tweed beret and coat echoed, the men's mature and steady handsome play most vividly!

    Black beret with pictures
    So white and handsome face, coupled with the awful smile, called which little girl looked melted. Neck exotic pattern of a sense of scarves, head plus a black beret, not only looks more handsome, but also added a touch of masculinity.

    Round felt hat with the picture
    Shirt + jacket + suit, a very formal three-piece suit, easily reflect the style of the British gentleman. With a tie and pocket towel decoration, how can the decoration of the hat less. A black round felt hat to wear on his head, shows British fashion!

    Wool cap with pictures
    Mint green wool cap (beanie knitted hat wholesales china) choice is entirely in response to clothing, mint green Leopard primer shirt wild and stylish, outer coat jacket in brown, domineering green played a very good role in the neutralization. Personality sunglasses and hat decoration, the whole really enough to have enough type of MEN.