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    Ladies hat matching skills

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-11-21
    Everyone has their own style of clothing, and of course it is the best for them. At present, the easiest way is to clearly understand the color, style, age, height and body shape that you are suitable for. Good matching can promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, giving people a bright feeling.
    Length match
    (1) The length is short and long. Taking the proportion of the human body as the standard, the hem of the top is located above the whole body and the proportion of gold floats up and down. The advantages of style are:
    1, can modify the girl with too much hips, cover up the shortcomings, here refers to the pear-shaped body.
    2, can create an optical illusion, making people slim and tall.
    (2) Short and long. The short length is a popular style in previous years, and now it is called retro. The advantages of being short and long are:
    1, highlighting the slenderness of the lower body, the effect of the lengthening of the legs, especially for people with long and short stature, this combination can play a certain correction.
    2, short tops can highlight the chest, especially women who are not satisfied with their chest, you can try to choose a short top to highlight the chest, the top is best not to exceed the navel.
    (3) The upper and lower sides are generally long. This kind of match is too balanced, no bright spots, if you add a bit of a conspicuous belt, it is easy for the onlookers to see the effect of the waist.

    colour match
    1) Shallow depth: dignified, generous, quiet, serious
    2) Shallow and deep: bright, lively, cheerful, confident
    3) When highlighting the top: the color of the trousers is slightly darker than the top
    4) When highlighting the trousers: the color of the top is slightly deeper than the trousers
    5) The green color is difficult to match, and it can be matched with brown in the clothing match.
    6) When the top has a horizontal pattern, the trousers cannot wear vertical stripes or plaid
    7) The top has a vertical pattern, and the trousers should avoid horizontal stripes or lattices.
    8) The top is motley, and the trousers should wear solid color.
    9) When the trousers are motley, the top should avoid variegated
    10) When the top is larger or more complex, wear solid color pants.
    11) When the solid color of the intermediate color is matched with the solid color, it should be matched with the small ornaments.
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