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    Is it suitable to wear a bucket hat in winter?

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-12-10
    Fact: We lose a significant amount of heat through our heads which is why it's always wise to wear a hat in the fall and wintertime cold. Not only does the accessory keep our heads (and bodies) warm, but it is the perfect practical accessory with which to dress up all of our cold-weather ensembles.

    Winter headwear usually means one thing: beanies. We're talking about crisply cuffed, tiny beanies, ultra-bright neon beanies, and every other type of beanie under the chilly winter sun. It's the cold-weather accessory that keeps your noggin from freezing while also making you look more rugged and outdoorsy than you actually are. It is also, on occasion, a little tired. So, this year, why not change things up just a bit? If you're looking for a break from wearing a beanie every day, consider the winterized bucket hat.

    Casual old school hats like beanies, berets and fedoras are nothing but winter staples but this winter, there's a new winter hat - except it's not new, you've actually been wearing it all summer.

    The right headwear can take an outfit from good to absolutely legendary. And that is precisely where the winter bucket hat comes into play—it's the unexpected choice for cold-weather headwear. When you think of a bucket hat, you probably picture lightweight fabrics like nylon or twill and a cap that provides shade from the sun. But this season, several designers and brands have given the bucket hat a makeover in season-friendly fabrics like wool, felt, and corduroy. Which is to say that your trusty old beanie is no longer the only option when it comes to staying cozy and looking fresh.

    The hat style is excellent at pulling double duty, too. Think of it as the beanie’s more structured and elevated older brother. You can dress it up with trousers and an overcoat for a stroll, but also put it through a serious beating with a puffer jacket and heavy-duty boots for a snowy commute to work. Of course, a bucket hat might turn more heads than your favorite beanie, but that's kind of the point. The payoff? You'll look wildly stylish and warm and toasty to boot—that's a risk worth taking.

    These hats help to keep you cool and shaded in the summer sun but will also adapt to cold weather: bikinis become chunky knitwear, glitter makeup becomes frosted skin and best of all, that impossible task of finding a coat with a hood to survive winter is obsolete as the bucket hat is the hood. Simple.

    But if your airline lost your luggage or you gave your bucket hat to a stranger at a festival, don't fret because bucket hats have also had a winter makeover. From Prada’s homespun cashmere and wool version to sporty toppers that mix waterproof nylon with plush shearling - there truly is a bucket hat for every potential weather scenario. We’ve also seen lots of fluffy, colourful faux fur bucket hats, and the bucket hat is even tying in another seasonal trend: corduroy.

    Even on the snowiest, most tundra-like day of the week, these nostalgia-inspired caps are the only choice for accessorising this apocalyptic-like weather. No matter which hat you choose. Leave your beanies and berets at home and shop this season’s coolest, cosiest bucket hats below.

    Bucket hats are most often associated with casual outfits, but there are plenty of ways to put your own personal spin on this classic piece of headwear. Pulling off one of these hats can be tricky, but anyone can wear a bucket hat with the right approach and style.

    Choosing Your Bucket Hat
    Choose a material that matches your style. Most bucket hats are made from cotton, but they can be made using a lot of different materials. The material you choose should depend on the individual style you are going for, and the weather in your area.
    Cotton bucket hats are better for warmer temperatures.
    Denim bucket hats are great for colder weather.
    Nylon bucket hats are typically used for outdoor activities like fishing or camping.
    Bucket hats made using furry or fuzzy material are a good idea if you want to grab people’s attention.

    Find your ideal type of bucket hat. Bucket hats come in many different shapes and sizes. Bucket hats meant to protect from the sun usually have larger brims, while more stylistic bucket hats typically have smaller brims. You also may want a bucket hat with a chin strap or a reversible bucket hat that features two designs in one.

    Creating a Casual Style
    Wear your bucket hat at an angle for a casual feel. The way you wear your bucket hat will express your personality and style. You can adjust your bucket hat to create many different looks and vibes depending on your mood. Place your bucket hat on your head at an angle to create a laid back, easy going look.
    If you want a more serious style, position your bucket hat straight on your head to cover most of your forehead and eyes.

    Roll up the brim for a change of pace. This can create a whole new vibe for your outfit, and often changes the entire look of your bucket hat. Whether you want to change up your style or stand out from others wearing bucket hats, rolling up your brim can add a personal touch to your hat.

    Keep your outfit simple with jeans and a t-shirt. A bucket hat can really bring together a casual outfit for that Sunday brunch or trip to the store. Compliment your bucket hat with a simple t-shirt and pair of jeans, khakis, or shorts. Add a pair of classic basketball sneakers or trainers to finish your outfit.

    Add a blazer or patterned collared shirt to your outfit for a more semi-formal, but still laid back, style.

    Pairing your bucket hat with a matching dress or top / skirt combination creates another simple but stylish look.